Chapter 51

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"Who are you?" Charles asks as he stands up from this seat as he slightly puts his body in front of me, as to protect me from any harm that could come my way. Too late for that.

"I'm Cadmar. A protector of the goddess, sent down her to protect you, Mason, Worker in stone, son of the Hero of the golden dawn." Cadmar answered with a smug smile on his face as he stood before Charles, not even intimidated by the idea that he could possibly kill him.

"Do you know the prophecy? The one procalming how all of this will end?" Zoro asks quickly as he stands up in his seat and rushes over to me. Cadmar stares at him for a second before nodding. His voice is deep, so low you have to strain to hear it.

Stone will be carved
by this Worker
Brave warrior by his side
He Will be able to conquer Adri
The man made of stone
Because this worker of stone
Shall see no end

Cadmar cleared his throat before sending another dazzling smile at all of us.

"So, are we going to stand here, or are we going to find a plan of action?" Instantly everyone stands up and begins talking at once. Cadmar takes this in with a sigh before holding up his hand for silence. Everyone once again gets quiet as they wait for him to say something.

"I will take Mason and Zoro outside with me while we work on Mason' s abilities. The rest of you find a way that we can get to Adri's pack and find a way to kill him." Cadmar reaches forward and grabs Zoro and I by the arm, causing Riley and Charles to let out feral growls. Cadmae only rolls his eyss and continues to drag us behind him like rag dolls.

"I really wished that Jeddidiah was here, we use to be best friends when we were younger, but you never know. Maybe he'll give us a surprise visit." Cadmar winks at us before turning around and gesturing to the empty yard. Ever since Charles announced to the pack that there was a threat made to us, no one has allows their kid outside, and I don't blame them, Charles and I haven't let Darean and Dalota outside since the threat happened.

"Now tell me, there has to be a reason that I am here now, so what is it?" Cadmar suddenly asks as he stops in the middle of the yard. I turn to Zoro and we both shrug at him. Cadmar sighs before gesturing for us to sit down.

"There is only a few reason that a protector is sent to protect his being. Zoro, in your instance it was because you were in danger, Mason, in your case, it's because you found out about your power before we were able to teach it to you. There are some other reason, but they are really rare." I nod as I stare at Zoro. I wonder who was exactly out to kill a sweet man like himself.

"Now, we know you have healing powers, but do you know what other ones you could possibly have?" Cadmar continues as he stares at me expectantly. I shake my head quickly and sit silently as I let him think.

"Okay, so usually when you have one major ability, like your is healing, you have ones that pair with it. So things to do with emotions. Mind reading. Things like that. I know Zoro was also able to manipulate the earth, so that might be an idea, but then again he couldn't heal people like you could." Cadmar said outloud, although it seemed like he was talking to himself.

"So essentially you're telling me that the powers I most likely have aren't going to be able to help when we are in an actual battle." I say sourly as I cross my arms and look of into the trees. Pouting because it would be a lot cooler then what I have been given to work with.

"Mason, things might not be what you think you want, but just remember that someday soon, every one of your powers will be important and save many lives. I thought the same things with my powers, but I saved so many lives with them." Zoro says softly as he runs my shoulder soothingly. I sigh but turn back to them.

"Lets get to training then."

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