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Chapter 2

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I sit down as I prepare myself for another round of paperwork. I have a system now, go for morning patrols, eat breakfast by myself, do paperwork, eat lunch by myself, train, do paperwork, eat dinner by myself, do paperwork, get a few hours of sleep in my chair. I haven't made much contact with the pack since the accident a few months ago, and they haven't tried to make contact with me. My Daddy and Papa did for a few weeks before they too stopped.

I smiled as I heard the door pop open before tiny foot prints headed in my direction. I turned in time for Maven to launch his body in my direction. I caught him around the waist and spun us in the office chair.

The only visitor I had everyday has been my seven year old brother Maven. We were always closer then with the others. I remeber when he was born, he was born an omega. It seems that after daddy had beaten Desdemona more and more omega's had started popping up, Maven being one of them.

He is a lot smaller than normal. Instead of looking like he is seven, he looks to be about four. His omega genes stunting his growth, just like Daddy's.

"Guess what I did today, Charlie?" Maven asked with a beaming smile, showing his two missing teeth. He had a small lisp and calls me Charlie because he can't say Charles right, only he is allowed to call me that, no one else.

"What did you do, Mavey?" He told me to call him that, so we could start a club, only with us, where we shorten our names.

"I rode my bike all by myself, Papa didn't even need to help. And I didn't even run into a tree this time!" I laugh as he excitedly bounces in my lap.

"Wow, Mavey, that's amazing.  I bet Papa was super proud of you!?" I said with a hint of distaste in my voice, not that he noticed. I am currently going through a stage where I am blaming Papa for making me Alpha. If he didn't name me Alpha then those ten pups wouldn't be dead, and my uncle would be speaking with me, but I know that it is my fault and my fault only.

"Yeah he was. Daddy was too." He said before he came quiet. I looked at him in surprise, he can barely be quiet for a second before he burst with something else to say.

"Why don't Daddy and Papa come visit you anymore? Why don't anyone come and visit you? I'm the only one." He says quietly while messing with the buttons on my shirt. I sigh quietly as I look down at him, how do I explain this?

"Well, a few weeks ago, we had an attack, and it was mainly my fault, and now people don't trust me to keep them safe like they use to, even Daddy and Papa." I explain as I spin us around in the chair some more. I don't want to think about it right now, but if he wants to know then I will tell him as much as I can.

"But, that wasn't your fault! It was the meanie pant's, she was really mean." He huffed as he crossed his arms across his chest.

"What do you mean she was mean?" I asked alarmed, did she do something to him when I wasn't around to notice?

"She pushed me once and then told me to get out of her way, that omega's aren't important enough to be around her." He said frowning. I frowned in return, why didn't he tell me?

"What didn't you tell me? I would have done something about it." I said voicing my thoughts. I might have been able to prevent those pups dying. I thought. Don't Charles, don't blame this on him. North scowled in my head.

"She said that you wouldn't believe me, so I didn't say anything." He says with a shrug of his shoulders. As if none of it bothered him.

"Well, if anyone ever says that to you again, you tell me. Alright?" He nods quickly before hopping off my lap and to his table in the corner to color some pictures.

I watch him for a few more seconds before turning to my pile of paperwork. A pile that seems to be never ending.

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