Chapter 17

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I hurry after Charles into the house. Even though I wouldn't be meeting his family until tomorrow, I couldn't help but be nervous, an emotion that seems to be constantly filtering through my head during the last few hours or so. Charles doesn't even act nervous, he has a small smile on his face, his eyes light up in a certain way that makes him seem younger - even though he is only 18 still - and he has this jump in his step that makes him seem a lot more happy then he has been mentioning in subtle hints on our short walk here. If I didn't know he was so depressed and angry on the inside, I would think he is just as I described him to be.

His parents and uncle don't seem to notice either. They seem like really loving parents from what I've seen so far, but with Charles saying he has nine younger siblings, I wouldn't be suprised if things went over their heads sometimes. One of them being the emotional state that their oldest child is curently suffering from. I jump in my own skin when Charles' shorter dad whirled around to face me.

"Tell me everything about you! I want to know your name, obviously, your age, your birthday, why your eyes are such an amazing shade of purple, and, just pretty much there is to know about you." He squealed as he wrapped his arms around my waist once again. The top of his head only reached to about my nose, but it didn't seem to bother him as he lifted me up and twirled me around in a circle. I was shocked into silence as he continued to twirl me around with strength that he shouldn't have. He seemed to finally realised that I wasn't answering, he pouted before setting me down on my own two feet.

"Well, hurry up! I'm only getting older." He demanded as he sassily put his hands on his hips and cocked one of his hips.

"Yeah, you might be getting older, but you aren't getting any uglier." I heard Charles' other dad whisper as he stared longingly at his mate. No one else seemed to have heard his comment so I didn't comment on it.

"What's your name?" I shot back before my brain could catch up with my mouth. He seemed shocked by my question, but he answered with as much enthusiasm as he had earlier.

"I'm Zoro, but you can call me daddy, all of my children do, and you're my son's mate, making you my son also. That's Riley." He said pointing over his shoulder at his mate, Charles' other dad. "He seems really cranky and mean, but he is really just a big softy on the inside." He said as he skipped over to his mate before squeezing him around the middle. I smiled at the obvious love that they have for eachother and I couldn't help but picture Charles and I in that same position in twenty years, we would have our pups, who would almost be all grown up, but not too many, I don't how Charles' parents deal with ten children, and half of them are moody teenagers, while the other are whiny kids, not that I think they are whiny, that's just how I have always viewed people. In my old pack, that's how everyone was, but it also might have to do with the way that my pack was, and not just the people.

"But anyway, what about you, you haven't answered any of my questions yet." Zoro said before his body was latched to mine again.

"My name is Mason, I am 18, my birthday is actually today, and I don't know why my eyes are purple." I answer my questions quickly and efficiently before he can complain once again.

"What?!" He bellows. My ear drums feel as if they are ginger to burst, but they only give off a high pitch tone. I wince but it seems to go unnoticed by the angered man in front of me.

"How are we going to celebrate your birthday? It's today, and we don't have any birthday stuff around the house." He cries as he claws his hands down in face in exasperation. I only look at him slightly mistified as I try and figure out what type of specimen he is. Surely he can not be human, or werewolf, I guess you could say.

"Its fine. I haven't had a birthday in over 10 years. I don't need one now." I tell him, proud of myself for the tone of voice I use, slightly comforting, but demanding at the same time. I don't want Zoro to be running around the kitchen like a chicken with its head cut off trying to make me anything.

"That's even more reason to do it, but not today. This weekend we will have your birthday party, but it will only be the family. Since now isn't a good time to introduce you to the pack." He said, but the second half was suppose to be quiet enough for me to not hear it. This isn't the first time I have heard that it isn't a good time to meet the pack, maybe I am getting myself into more trouble then I can handle.

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