Chapter 44

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I wake up at nine o'clock the next moring. Last night is still fresh in my head, the tears in Zoro's eyes when he realized he only had a few hours left with his mate and family before we ruined it all. Before we ruined them.

"Mason, are you awake? My dad made everyone breakfast, I just wanted to let you know he's expecting us to be down there together." I hear Charles say through the door. I decided to sleep in the guest room again. I'm not mad at him, but I need some space with the whole bit of drama going on.

I wouldn't have been again be to cuddle with my mate last night knowing I was going to 'kill' his father the next morning.

"Sure, I'll be ready in a few minutes." I call back as I get up and throw on some sweats and a sweatshirt to wear. I feel as if it's disrespectful to wear this to my father-in-law's last meal with all of us, for two days that is.

"Alright, I'm ready to go." I say once I open up the door. Charles is leaning against the wall opposite of my door amd wearing an outfit much like mine, only he doesn't seem to be guilty to be wearing it. If he knew what was going to happen at lunch would he feel bad for wearing it? Much like I am.

"I'm sorry for acting like a jerk lately, I just don't want to lose you. My parents never had any problems when they first met, I'm just kind of upset that we have so many things between us driving such a huge wall. I don't like that we have to sleep in seperated rooms when we should already have mated and maybe even having a pup on the way. I'd not like that we adopted two little boys, but we can't be around them around the same time because we might chew eachother's head off and they will grow to hate one of us. I hate that we aren't the way I always thought that I would be with my mate. I'm angry that I made you think you had to run to get some time to yourself. I'm angry that I'm not the mate I always thought I would be." Tears fill my eyes as I stare into Charles' bright green eyes, filled with so many emotions I don't know where to even start.

"I think you're a great mate Charles, and I know it might seem like I think I have to run away, and that is my mind set, has been for most of my life, so you need to give me time. I want this relationship,  I want you, and I want the pups you were talking about. I want to be away be to see the boys together, and I want to be able to sleep in the same bed as you. I want all of that and more. I just need a little time." I confess as I grab a hold of both of his hands in mine.

"I'll give you all the time you need, as long as you'll still be with me in the end." I smile at Charles before nodding.

"I wouldn't want to be anywhere else besides your arms at night, and your thoughts during the day." Charles smirks at my sappy statement before pulling me behind him.

"Come one, the boys are already downstairs and I'm sure Daddy is making everyone wait for us to eat, so we better go before we start a riot." I laugh at Charles statement and momentarily I forget about what will occur in only a few hours. Of course, the short lived bliss is only that, short.

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