Chapter 6

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I awkwardly step into the kitchen. Once I reached the end of the staircase the noise in the kitchen stopped.

"Uhm, hi. I was wondering what I could do with this." I say as I hold up my tray with the dishes on it. A young girl in her late teens comes up to take it from me. Her name clicks in my head when I take in her bright red hair.

"Thank you Felicity. Uhm, I was wondering who cooked?" I asked her as I held her eyes with my own, she is really pretty, but sadly not my mate.

"Wanda did, Alpha." She said softly before going to the sink to wash the dishes. I turned to the women in turn. Wanda was older, almost fifty, a friend of my grandpa. Her and Papa have talked a lot over the years.

"Thank you, Wanda. It was delicious. Expecially the strudel, Apple is my favorite." I say softly while giving her a smile. She smiles back at me before answering.

"I remeber as a boy you loved apple anything, apple pie, apple cake, apple fries- which I have no idea how you thought of those- apple cookies, you couldn't have enough of them. Your Daddy is the same way too." She said jokingly as she prepared something for desert, hopefully apple.

"I know, it would drive you crazy. I would sneak all the apple pie for myself, you would end up having to cook another one quickly." I smiled in memory. All the times she yelled at me, although I knew she wasn't really mad, she thought it was cute.

It became quiet as we both remember about our past and how they were combined. I looked up amd saw one of the females look away quickly with tears filling her eyes. She must have been one of the mothers who pup died.

"I'm sorry for what happened, I never suspected......." I clear my throat as unexpected tears filled my eyes. "I'm loved her, and thought she loved me back. I never suspected she was lying. I was confused, my wolf kept saying she wasn't his mate, but then the next second be howling for her scent. While I was confused she took the chance to, plan." I suddenly remeber the letter I received from another Alpha who heard about our situation.

"I know, no one is ever going to replace your pup, or pups, but I recently got a letter, from another Alpha. He said that they found about 15 pups outside his border. They're all young, under the age of 10. He said if anyone wanted, they could come and adopt a pup. If you don't want to, if its to soon, then we can't wait, but I don't know how long the offer stands. So think about it, tell the other pack memebers, and I'll check in in a few days. Even if someone didn't lose a pup, and just wants to come for any reason, then they can." I said my final words before I parted from them. They all seemed shocked but curious from my words.

I head back up the stairs intending to go to my office, but I stop and change direction. I haven't seen Maven all day, I should check on him to see if he feels better.

I open the door and see Aria inside sitting by Maven's bedside. I immediately move to leave but she beacons me in with her hand. I slowly go and sit next to her on the ground next to Maven's bed.

"Is he feeling better?" Is ask quietly, not wanting to wake him up if he is still sick.

"A little. Daddy thinks it his womb growing, it's almost like puperty for an omega, but instead of growing a beard and muscles his womb grows. Daddy said something similar happened to him when he was like eight." She explains. I nod as I look him over. Beside his cheeks being a little flush, he seems fine.

"How are you doing?" I ask her. I haven't seen her in a few weeks, since the accident.

"I think I should be asking you that question." She said as she looked at me out of the corner of her eyes.

"I mean, it's horrible for those mothers, but they aren't even taking the time to consider your thoughts in this. The person you thought was your mate, took your heart and ripped it to shreads. I know you Charles, you may be smart and strong, but your weak hearted, you fall to hard, to strong. You love this whole pack, all of us, every single one of us. You didn't just lose her that day, you lost her and those pups." She said as she played with a chunk of Maven's hair. "I know the trip to the doctor put some sense into you, you're  already trying, I can see that, and if I can, then the pack soon will too." Her hand stopped and I looked up to see her looking at me.

"I love you Charles, the pack loves you. You just need to show them that they do." She said finally before she stood up and walked out of the door.

I looked at the door for a few minutes before crawling in bed with Maven. I was out in a few minutes.

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