Chapter 39

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I grumble as I come to. I remember going to bed last night alone, Charles had decided to stay in his office while I went to sleep because he was still mad at me for leaving. I couldn't blame him, if I was him and his mate kept dissapearing, I would be pissed too, but I had a right to be pissed. He had his whole family on my back, he even had his dad stand gaurd when I went to the bathroom so I couldn't 'escape' from them. I know what I did was wrong - something I came to terms with yesterday before I feel asleep - but that doesn't mean he was right either.

Charles doesn't have the right to treat me as if I'm insignificant. He doesn't have the right to put me in as bubble and tell everyone to watch me as if I'm their pet hamster. I didn't have the right to leave, but he didn't have the right to mess with my freedom.

I groan when I see only darkness in the room. No wonder why I'm so grumpy. I've only been asleep for a few hours! Why else would it be so dark?

I try and pull my arms that are stretched to the sides - a weird way to sleep if you ask me - but I get stopped when I feel something tugging on my wrist. My heart starts beating faster the more I tug on the thing around both of my wrist keeping me in place. I pull on my feet and felt that both of my feet are also being constrained.

I feel tears prick into my eyes. If Charles thinks this is a funny way to get back at me, he is dead wrong. Being like this reminds me of what it use to be like, when I was younger and my alpha treated me like I was nothing. Like I was just some scum that he could throw away of he wasn't satisfied with it.

"Charles, this isn't funny! You better let me out now!" I scream as I begin to thrash from the ropes. I'll kill him if he is the one behind this. I'll never mate with him, I'll never forgive him for this.

"Shut up, you brat!" I stop moving when I hear the mechanical voice. It seems to come from everywhere in the room. Almost as of they aren't in the room, but are broadcasting what they are saying into the room. My heart begins to run cold when I realize that Charles wasn't the one behind this, and that I'm not in the pack house anymore.

As soon as the fear takes over, so does the anger.

"You motherf*ckers, you better let me go, or I'll kilk you so hard in the balls that you die from the pain." I scream as or twist and pull against the constraints that I can now tell are handcuffs attached to some ropes that are tight to the bedposts.

"I said shut up! Or do you want to get hurt?! The handcuffs attached to your wrist will and can electrocute you if we think that you are misbehaving. If you don't shut your mouth and do as we say then I won't have a problem pressing the button!" I freeze when he finishes talking. I'm afraid to move or talk because he might electrocute me. I need to be safe and healthy so I can escape, I can forget that if I've been electrocuted to many times.

"Good, now, you are going to do as we say, and if we don't think it's good enough, then we are going to do to you what we want. Do you understand?" The voice floats through the room. I don't know if I should answer or not, but before I could do anything the voice continues.

"We need you to kill someone, and if you don't, we will kill everyone you love, and then you last, so you can watch them all beg you to help them. To stop them from being killed." I want to argue, but I need to be smart about this. I need to know what they want, so I can think of a way out of it.

"We need you to kill Zoro Black. He is the father of your mate, and he has some powers that could be harmful to us. We wouldn't want him to stop what we have up our sleeve." The voice chuckles. It sends a shiver down my back. If they think I am going to kill Zoro, they are crazy.

"When do I need to have it done by?" I ask. I need to make it seem like I want to do this, otherwise my plan will never work.

"I'm surprised that you are taking this so well. If I could, I want to know why you would do it so willingly?" The voice ask. I can't hear a difference in his voice because it is so monotoned, but if I could, I would be able to hear his surprise.

"He thinks he knows everything, and all the stupid powers he has, he uses them on the pack so he gets his way. I can't even tell you how many times he has read my mind to find out what I was thinking. He also thinks it's okay to tell my mate things about me that aren't true." I say as angry as I can. I hate saying bad things about Zoro, but if I want to save him and his family, then I need to make it seem like I am going to kill him.

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