Chapter 49

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"Daddy, what do you want to eat for breakfast, Papa said we had to be extra nice to you and to not let you do everything, so we are going to make you breakfast." Darean says as he placed his hands on my hips and doesn't let me into the kitchen so I can start making their breakfast.

I sigh on in exasperation as I hear  what Charles has now put into their heads. I don't want them to think that I am invalid and they have to take care of me, because I'm the adult and just because I'm going through a hard time, just like everyone else in the pack, doesn't mean that I am going to let it tear me down and make everyone take care of me.

"Papa doesn't know what he is talking about. I'm just fine and you don't need to worry about me. Papa is always worried about me, and he has the right to be, but sometimes he goes overboard, and now is one of those times, but don't tell him I said that, otherwise he might get mad." I say as I grab the eggs and bacon out of the fridge before grabbing a bowl, whisk, and two pans. I turn around and see their sad faces and sigh.

"But that doesn't mean that you can't help me." I say and instantly their faces brighten into smiles. I smile back at them before waving them over. I give them the job of whisking the eggs as I get to work on the bacon, constantly checking over my shoulder to make sure they are hurting themselves or making a huge mess out of the eggs.

"All done Daddy! Now what do we do?" Darean asks as he lifts the whisk out of the bowl and ploping it down on the counter. I grimace when I see the egg now on the table but don't make a comment about it, the both seem so happy to help that I can't break their happiness.

"We have to put some butter in the  pan and then put the eggs in." I say as I grab the butter out of the fridge and cut a small piece off of the block. I give the knife with the small pad of butter on it to Dalota who in turn puts it onto the hot pan. The butter melts and then I help the boys pour the eggs into the pan. I tell them how they have to stir it so the eggs don't burn before turning back to the bacon and piling it up on a plate and patting it so that some of the greese comes off.

"What are we making in here?" Aria asks as her and Riley come into the kitchen. Dalota jumps down from his spot and jumps into Riley's arms.

"Daddy is teaching us how to make eggs and bacon!" He says as he sits in Riley's arms.

"That sounds yummy!" Aria says as she tickles Dalota's stomach making him giggle. I smile as he interacts with his Grandpa and Aunt. Although we haven't really given titles to everyone, that's what I think of them as to the boys.

"Oww!" Darean cries as he pulls his arm away from the pan. I quickly drop my plate on the table and grab his arm and pull him over to the sink. I turn in the cold water and pull his arm underneath it.

"It hurts Daddy." He whimpers in my ear as tears race down is face.

"I know baby, I'm sorry." I say as I take his arm out from underneath the water. Aria holds out an ice pack and I thank her before turning to Darean. I turn to put it on his burn, but it's not there.

"Um, where did it go?" I say quietly as I turn his arm around looking for the burn. Darean smiles at me before jumping out of my amrs.

"Thank you Daddy, it doesn't hurt anymore." He turns and slips out of the room with Dalota. The three of us watch them slip out of the room in shock before Aria and Riley turned to me.

"What did you do?" Riley asks quietly as he stares at me. I shake my head slowly as I look back at them. I look down at my hands in shock as I answer.

"I don't know."

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