Chapter 16

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Everyone gaped at Charles' dad. He had casually said it as if it had been engraved in stone and all werewolves had been informed of it. And obviously Charles didn't mind link it to him since he seemed surprised that his dad knew. His uncle Rason's facial expression was pretty funny though, he looked like he wanted to laugh at all of us, but also cringe since he had known about it.

"What!" Charles' other dad boomed from the porch. He strode down from his place and was quickly approaching us with a thunderous look on his face. I couldn't help the fear that had creaped into my facial features, but it made he seem to remember that I was there. He stopped a few feet for the four of us before taking a deep breath. He put on an over exaggerated smile on his face before crossing his arms over his chest.

"What I meant to say was, How did this happen? And how can you be so sure?" He asked as he looked directly at Charles. I saw Charles flinch at his father's last question, and I knew his father hit a sore nerve.

"I was in the woods. Outside the pack, Charles came by, and he, we, smelt eachother. He convinced me to come here to meet you guys." I whisper shyly as I slowly inch behind Charles. His father tilts his head and he takes in the both of us, his mate, and his brother, I assume.

"What do you mean by he convinced you?" He asked as his arms dropped to his side. His shoulders slump down a few inches and his body doesn't look as defensive as it did before, he is obviously still alert incase I tried to do something, but he seems to lower his guard a little, it was probably a good idea that I hinted that I didn't really want to come here.

"Mason is a rouge, obviously there is a reason he turned rouge." Charles told his father as he wrapped his larger hand around mine. I smiled at him in thanks but he continued the stare off he had with his father.

"I see." His father simply said. I try and smile at him but I know it didn't turn out as nice as I wanted it to be.

I'm still not comfortable with the idea of being around an alpha. It was easier with Charles because he is my mate, and mates are meant to love eachother, but his father isn't my mate, so I'm not going to blindly put my trust into him, he'll have to earn it.

"This is wonderful, we will have to introduce him to your siblings. Maybe tomorrow though, Ashton still needs some time to cool down from earlier." Charles' smaller dad said. Charles nodded in agreement, but I stood there confused. I knew there was a reason as to why Charles was so mad earlier when he was stomping around, but I assumed it was because of some rouges or something running on his territory, but I now vaguely remember him muttering about his family and how they aren't being, I don't know, a family. He seemed really upset, so it must have been a very big fight.

"Come on, Mason, everyone is already inside. What has you thinking so hard?" Charles asked as he tilted his head to the side. My breath hitched as I took in the innocent look on his face. He was so handsome, beautiful, but I knew he would be pissed if I called him beautiful. He just seemed To fit into my life. He is everything I need, everything my wolf needs. He can be the one to rebuild our hearts, tear down our walls, and make us whole again.

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