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Transmigration Of Mian [Reluctantly] Becomes His Man [Wife] (穿越之勉为其男) by alrightnevermind
Transmigration Of Mian [ nevermind
Qin Mian opened his eyes and found himself lying in a leaky thatched room. The problem was that he was still in his family's villa beforehand! What's more, another man w...
Making Up For Lost Time - [James Barnes x Male OC] by sonofsteverogerz
Making Up For Lost Time - [James sonofsteverogerz
When Bucky comes to the Compound after Shuri successfully gets his mind out of Hydra's control, everyone- including Bucky- had thought that all his memories would come b...
The Badboy's Heartbeat [BxB] √ by lady_Vendite
The Badboy's Heartbeat [BxB] √by Vendite Johnson
Seventeen-year-old Jordi Adkins' life became both liberating and nightmarish right after he came out of the closet. While enjoying the perks of freedom, he's also being...
A Rare Occurrence  by dayloverr
A Rare Occurrence by Scar
[boyxboy] Lucas Hart was the guy who was always smiling. He was bubbly, and a sweetheart. While Emerson West, was the opposite. No one cared enough to pay attention to t...
Shut up, soulmate! by itstilliswhatitis
Shut up, soulmate!by itstilliswhatitis
I co-wrote this story with @LouisThiccSexyAss. ♥️ Louis has waited two years for his soulmate, worrying that something is wrong with him. He knows everyone has a soulmat...
Pure Poison by lolliopo564
Pure Poisonby Writer
Four boys start their college journey at Washington University. Neo knew it would be a challenge, but he thought college would be the problem, not three alphas who happe...
Road To You - MEWGULF AU (COMPLETE) by lemonjunkxx
Gulf Kanawut has been in love with his best friend, Mew Suppasit, since they were in high school. Sadly, Mew has a long time girlfriend and he told him that he is planni...
Mute  by Sunnyday5623
Mute by Sunnyday5623
Luca born a male omega in a very closed minded pack gets thrown out and left to fend by himself. Suddenly he finds himself stumbling onto a pack and is welcomed warmly b...
lovematch (ManxMan) by -carmin
lovematch (ManxMan)by Carrie Vanessa
After signing up for, Cillian wasn't sure what to expect. Yes, he had gotten a couple messages here and there but they were mostly creepy or cringy or from...
UNISTAR : Invisible Moon [ENG Version] by earthlok
UNISTAR : Invisible Moon [ENG Lok LalLaa
[ Thai BL Novel Translation ] 'In', is a famous UNISTAR member. He holds the title 'Invisible Moon'. He's outstanding and has a lot of fans, but can rarely be seen, as...
Finding Home || bxb by flawed-pariah
Finding Home || bxbby Flawed
【INCLUDES MATURE SCENES, READ AT OWN RISK】 'There is always some madness in love. But there is also some reason in madness.' - Friedrich Nietzsche After losing his famil...
Just You and I by potatosandpandas
Just You and Iby kazari
Jake Miller and Alex Moody have been in an unspoken rivalry since middle school --popularity and talent driving one away from the other. But being locked up in the schoo...
detention by luvblooms
detentionby bloom
a story about two boys who end up in detention, and it somehow brings them closer. lowercase intended
Love Me, Love Me. by SleepypizzaTvT
Love Me, Love mari
"Nnnghh..~ Ahhh~" Lucas moans "D-dont tease me- Hhnghh... Aahh s-shit~" He whimperd. His breathing was ragged, as he panted while Blaze kept teasing...
Thin Ice (M/M Transmigration) by WOODWINGED
Thin Ice (M/M Transmigration)by Florence (he/him)
One day, Cale wakes up in the body of an unfortunate cannon fodder character that appears in the popular novel [Fire & Ice], a world in which everyone has some kind of e...
BOYxBOY Gold (REAL good books!) by FuroremVincere
BOYxBOY Gold (REAL good books!)by FuroremVincere
🏆I have read a LOT of books on Wattpad. Enlisted are books with good grammar and good plotlines. Honestly? These books are definitely among the best books on wattpad. S...
The Bad Boy and the Other Bad Boy by badbloom
The Bad Boy and the Other Bad Boyby badbloom
The last time I'd seen him shirtless was years ago when we were still friends - before puberty. I was so focused on his body that I didn't move when he lowered his shir...
You, Me, and All The Spaces In-between by AvidlyAsinine
You, Me, and All The Spaces AvidlyAsinine
Alyx Miller is a smart, quiet high school student with a raging attraction to Cash Smith: the wildly popular quarter back with model boy hair. When his English class ano...
Blue Heart 💙 Pete Kao by TenXPink
Blue Heart 💙 Pete Kaoby ten XP
BLUE HEART 💙 [COMPLETE] Being the only son and heir to Vihokratana Group, Pete has no choice but to agree to marry the person of his father and mother chosen. The best...
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Mr. Match (BoyxBoy) ✓ by euwangabrielll
Mr. Match (BoyxBoy) ✓by Euwan Gabriel
I'm Finn Vasco but that's not quite important right now. I'm a pretty sarcastic guy if I'm gonna be honest. I'm closed off and I literally only have one friend. I might...