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The Pajama Kid by SippingSpiffingTea
The Pajama Kidby SippingSpiffingTea
Chronic fatigue syndrome is a state of profound fatigue that is not improved by bed rest and that may get worse with physical or mental activity. This fatigue significan...
Honey and Spice | ✔️ by babbleduck
Honey and Spice | ✔️by see announcement!
Bad boy, introverted nerd. Two boys, one Biology project. When a Biology project forces Ryder and Nathan together, an unexpected bond forms between them. But there's mo...
Villain's Earnest Wish Of Death  by Suicidal_Bastards
Villain's Earnest Wish Of Death by suicidal_bastards
Being neglected in the orphanage and then being sold to the black market bought by a abusing master Ray's life started to take a bright turn when his master was arrested...
Mated to the bully alpha by xDrewxD
Mated to the bully alphaby Drew D
Owen has been bullied by Jason the future alpha of the crimson crescent pack. And now all he wants is to leave the pack, get away as far as possible and never come back...
What the heart wants by Feychild1225
What the heart wantsby Feychild1225
AU where Phayu and Prapai are at the same university as Sky and Rain. Sky has no history of trauma and Rain is the same precious little cinnamon roll as always. This i...
|《Łøvę Me》| Bakudeku | by CheeseXitXcrackers
|《Łøvę Me》| Bakudeku |by AB
IDK WHAT TO PUT HERE🤚🙂 ❗THE CHARTERS ARE AGED UP, AND PRO HEROS❗ ⚠️○Beware ●⚠️ 🟠Bakudeku🟢 ❗Smut❗ 🤚Bad words 👎 🏳️‍🌈Gay🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈BL⚠️
Creek One Shots (Tweek x Craig) by asdfrgthyjukilo
Creek One Shots (Tweek x Craig)by creek 4 lyfe
Mostly Tweek X Craig one shots Some other ships might be in a few stories All fluff, no hard core smut
kimporchay 21+ by Thissbabyslayy
kimporchay 21+by Kqueen
Tw! R@pe in some chapters. and Others are Smuts and fluffs.
Punk Isn't Romantic by llmusicsmyreligionll
Punk Isn't Romanticby C.A.Wall
"His soft black hair spilled out around his face, framing his face perfectly. His jaw flexed and I could see his jawline was sharp as he sucked in more smoke- his c...
Out Of Control by lisaaaaa1616
Out Of Controlby Clay(Block)
George is diagnosed with autism and OCD. He goes to a normal school, but is a little younger in his head than he really is. He is always alone and has no one to fall bac...
Vapor [LASHTON AU] by wickedwhing
Vapor [LASHTON AU]by ✨whing✨
"Cause I just need another hit You're the thing that I can't quit" -Vapor Luke and his best friend, Calum moved in to their new apartment in hopes of starting...
Anyways by -HONEYSKIES
IN WHICH Henry Hale returns to Beacon Hills, with his haunting past following after him. And his only successful distraction is the sheriff's sarcastic son.
Not A Finch by BoyxBoyequalsLove
Not A Finchby Blaze
Asher Finch has always been one of seven. His identity has been wholly and completely defined by the fact that he is the youngest Finch. When he decides he can no longer...
Fell For Him [Jikook] by Thembekamdluli
Fell For Him [Jikook]by Thembekamdluli
Jeon Jungkook has it all. A perfect Girlfriend, a stable CEO job and a loving family. He doesn't need anything else...or Does He? Where Jungkook is a perfect man who is...
The Untold Truth  [Completed]  by MsAnonymousBlack
The Untold Truth [Completed] by CHY 💙
Biggest and Brightest K-Pop Boyband. Millions of Supporters. Successful concerts in the largest arena around the world. Different country, Different languages, Different...
Idiots to Lovers ✔️ (bxb)(ONC2023)(fake dating) by itsmeimthevampire
Idiots to Lovers ✔️ (bxb)(ONC2023) Jamie Ellery
||Onc Longlister🏅|| Two strangers pretend to be a couple to win a dumb bet. The wager: they must enrol in couples therapy and fool their counselor. Loser has to bake c...
arrogant Mafia and baby Boss by sweetkitten17
arrogant Mafia and baby Bossby sweet kitten
this story revolves around two individuals...who are very different from each other one who believe in kindness and other who believe in tic for tac.... two different pe...
The Consequences of Falling In Love by Fizaxbieber
The Consequences of Falling In Loveby fiza
"That's like inviting death with open arms. Why would you do that?" "Was hoping to get saved by someone." In which two sworn enemies bear the consequ...
Breaking The Code by itstilliswhatitis
Breaking The Codeby itstilliswhatitis
I don't know if you can write a love story based on a real serial killer, but I did. This is a story based on the Zodiac Killer. It's the late 60's. Detective Liam Payn...
Lawlu ONESHOTS~ by hookybookies
Lawlu ONESHOTS~by hookybookies