Chapter 8

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I sigh as I look up at the darkening sky. I need to find somewhere to rest for the night, it drops down to the 30's this time of year. Fall has always been my least favorite season. You just get out of summer, the nice heat everyday, and then all of a sudden it's cold. Like my balls will freeze off cold.

I sigh as I look at my watch, more specifically, the date that is blinking in my watch. Tomorrow is my birthday, I will be turning 16, the first time you should be able to sense your mate. But that won't happen for me, I won't have a happily ever after like the rest of my good for nothing pack has.

There bastards, all of them. Picking on me because I'm an omega, if I remeber correctly, there was an omega about 12 years ago that saved us from distruction. Nobody knows where he is now, but he is a legend.

But my pack still decided they didn't care. Omega's are weak, fragile, unable to do work, unable to protect the pack.


I wasn't going to let them to control my life. After my parents were killed, at the young age of five, I knew I was in danger, my life was in danger. If they would kill my parents just for giving birth to an omega, I could only imagine what they would do to me.

The night of my parents death I left. I left and I never looked back. They wouldn't care about me, I'm sure a month later they stopped looking for me. I'm just an omega, weak, stupid, worthless. All in there eyes.

But I knew, omega's are not weak, stupid, or worthless. We're strong, the strongest of our kind- not physically, obviously- but mentally. We have to go through all this crap, for what? Happiness? If that's true, then I want to know when I will find mine.

I sigh in relief as I find a tree with the roots taken out. Obviously someone has stayed here before me, and hopefully they won't come back looking for a place to sleep and find me instead.

My stomach growls as I lay down. I haven't eaten in a few days, but I am going to have to wait until morning. There is no way I can stay awake for a hunt tonight.

I yawn as I cuddle in- as much as I can- into the tree root. In a few blissful moments I plummet into darkness.


I wake up bleary eyed and my stomach growling at me. If this is what I feel like when I have the chance to find my mate, then I hope I will never meet him and feel the outcome of his rejection.

The way the sun is set, I guess it is around seven in the morning, that means I got a good few hours of sleep. I stumble into a standing position before I try and sniff out something to eat, even bugs sound good right now.

I almost cry in relief when I come across a tree that has apples growing in it, I hurry over and grab the biggest apple I can find before taking a large bite out of it. I groan as the crisp flavor of the apple assaults my taste buds.

My stomach feels somewhat better after I finish my fifth apple, but I know I still need meat. I can't survive unless I have some sort of meat, and now that I don't feel so dead, maybe I can find some.

I make sure to leave my sent all over the apple tree so I can find it later, if needed, and stalk deeper into the forest, ready for my next kill.

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