Chapter 25

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I rush down the stairs to the living room hoping everyone is still in there. I sigh in relief when I hear the thunder of voices coming from said room.

"What's wrong with my baby?"

"How am I suppose to know? He hates me!"

"Whatever you did you better tell me!"

"I didn't do anything!"

I walk in the room and see Riley and Charles chest to chest sneering at eachother while their chest heave up amd down. I cross my arms and clear my throat, both of them jump away from eachother and turn toward me.

"No one is to blame, Ashton just needs time to think through some things, he should be back to normal in a couple of days. To make yourselves useful why don't you all make something for him to eat, curently Maven looks like he weighs more then Ashton does." I growl at the two hotheaded alphas. The growl lowly in their throats at being commanded to do something, but they, along with Zoro, walk to the kitchen and I can hear the sounds of pots clanking and the fridge opening.

I walk out of the living room, ignoring everyone still in there, and head for the laundry room, if I am going to wait in Ashton's room then I am going to clean it as best as I can.

I grab a few garbage bags, febreeze, clean sheets and comforter, and a laundry basket. I honestly don't know what is in that room, but I am obviously going to find dirty socks, since his room reeks of them.

I trudge back up the stairs and to Ashton's room. I set all of my supplies on his bed before going to the bathroom. Ashton is sitting in the bath, the same position I left him in, staring at the door. When he sees me come through I see relief flood his eyes and a broad smile plasters on his face. I smile brightly back at him although I'm still upset at Charles, so many different reasons, and everyone else since they think everything is Charles's fault although they aren't perfect either.

"So, I have your dad's and Charles making something to eat, and I grabbed somethings to clean your room. If you don't feel comfortable I can keep the bathroom door open while I clean, I just don't think you want to sleep in a stinky room." He smiles at me again before nodding. I take that as a yes to keeping the door open. I smile at him again before opening the door fully and heading to the pile on his bed.

I spend the next fifteen minutes clearing his room as he cleans himself in the bath. Out of the corner of my eye I see him peeking over at me quickly to make sure I am still here, when he confirms that I am, a small smile graces his red and puffy cheeks.

I hear a knock on the door. I smile at Ashton before walking it the door and opening it. Outside Charles is holding a try a with a three course meal on it with a smile plastered on his face, although I can see the worry and sadness in his eyes.

I sigh as I step aside and let him bring the food in. He looks around the clean room before looking at Ashton who is now staring at the diminishing bubbles in the bath with a frown. He sighs before setting the food on the table and heading into the bathroom. He crouched down and whispered something quietly in his ear, so quiet even I couldn't hear. Ashton nodded but still wouldn't make eye contact with Charles. Charles sighed before standing up and coming torwards me with a strained smile.

"Hi baby, how are you?" He asked as he wraps his arms around my waist. My arms dangle by my side useless as I scoff into Charles chest.

"If you were actually around, then you would know, asshole." I sneered in his ear before ripping away from him. I hear him sigh before his hand touches my elbow. I rip away from him again. I don't hear anything from behind me, so I know he is still in here.

"I've been busy with pack stuff Mason, you know that." Charles mutters from behind me, but I can hear the lie in his voice. He knows that I know that something is wrong. He just doesn't want to tell me, and that's fine, if he wants to be that way, he can be that way.

"I know you are lying, but if you aren't going to tell me the truth, then don't even talk to me." I growl over my shoulder as I continue to make Ashton's bed. The noise in the bathroom is silent, so I know Ashton is listening to our converstion.

"Don't say that." I look behind me at his slumped over form. He seems tired and wary, but if he doesn't want to tell me what his problem is, then I can't help him.

"I can say what ever I want, and I don't want to hear the bullshit that spews out of your mouth. So, if you aren't going to tell me the truth, get out!" I point at the door as I stare into his eyes. I can see the pain he feels at my words, but he only nods before heading out the door. He gives me a final glance before closing the door behind him and walking away from the door.

I take a few minutes to calm myself. Just fighting with your mate is mentally draining. We aren't meant to be fighting, but if he is going to be an idiot, then I am going to tell him so.

I grab the large tray of food and set it on the nightstand next to Ashton's bed. When I enter the bathroom the tub is already drained and Ashton is sitting on the toilet with the pajamas I set out for him. I grab his arm and help him over to his bed. I tuck him in before handing him the tray.

"I want you to eat all of this, no excuses, because I know you are hungry, if your appearance says anything." He nods as he slowly eats the food. It only takes him ten minutes to eat all the food, even though it was a three course meal. I grab the tray from him before setting it back on the nightstand.

"Okay, now you need some rest." I say as I help him lean back onto his pillows. I shut of the lamp before standing up and heading for the door.

"Wait! Can you stay will me? Until I fall asleep." Ashton's begs as he sits up in bed. I sigh before nodding and climbing over him to the other side of the bed. He sets his head in my lap before closing his eyes and falling asleep. I sit their rubbing the hair off his forehead as I fall into my own troubled sleep.

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