Chapter 34

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"What do you mean you adopted two little boys?" Zoro asked the second we walked in the house. I'm sure that one of the pack members told Charles's parents about what had occurs while we were at Lyon's pack. I just didn't think Zoro would be so quick to find out.

"Yeah. Daddy, this is Darean, and this is Dalota. Boys, this is my dad, you can call him Grandpa." Charles said as he smirked at his shocked-faced father.

Darean and Dalota waved at the - still - shocked Zoro before shying away back into Charles's legs. They have clichéd to him the whole way home, I'm jealous, but I know it shouldn't be, they are just so cute and I want to spend every living moment with them. Does that make me sound creepy? Or is it okay since I'm their father? I feel like it's okay, but still slightly creepy.

"What's the problem Daddy? You've always wanted grandkids, now you got two.  I thought this would have made you overjoyed?" Charles teases although I can hear the underlining insecurity to his voice.

He's afraid that his gathers aren't going to approve of the boys, and apparently his families approval means a lot to him. One of the reasons he can't move on from things when other have already forgiven and forgotten.

"Well, of course I'm happy. I just didn't expect for the two of you to be ready for pups. I mean, you've only know eachother for a little while. I would have assumed you would have tried mating before you adopted." Zoro exclaims as he continues to stare at the two small boys in front of us.

"Just because we haven't mated doesn't mean we haven't bonded yet. Mason and I wanted to do this together, maybe we are going at this backwards, but I mean, we have our whole lives together, we don't have to worry about 'who gets the kid in the divorce' because we'll never get divorced." Charles explains simply. When he says it like that it doesn't seem so bad, but I can still see his father underlining concern.

"I understand this probably seems odd to you and most of the pack, but I think we can speak for everyone when we say we weren't going to leave any pup behind. Lyon did a great job of finding pups homes, but there is only so such he can do, it was our turn to step up and help, we just didn't expect it in the way it happened." I explain to Zoro who still seems freaked out by the whole idea. His face shows he more on board with the idea after I finish explaining, but he still seems suspicious.

"So you guys didn't adopt because you don't want pups together, right? I mean, you haven't even tried yet. So I'm assuming it was an act of the moment kind of thing?" I stare at Zoro in question.

"If we didn't want kids together then why would we adopt?" I ask slightly confused to his logic. Zoro thinks for a few seconds s before he shrugs himself.

"I don't know where my logic was going for a few seconds. Let's forget about my moment of stupidity and let me meet my grandbabies." I smile when Zoro pulls Dalota and Darean into a suffocating hug making the two boys eyes widden before they attempt to push away from Zoro's strong grip. Zoro quickly let's go when he notices that they can't breath before he picks then up and carries them with him to another room.

"Well, that conversation went better then I thought, definately more confusing, but better." Charles inputs from where he is taking his thin jacket off and hanging it up. I smile at him and shrug. From what I have seen from Zoro so far, I wouldn't be surprised of what he does or says sometimes.

"At least he accepted the boys without a problem, not that I expected him not to. I'm just glad that he loves them as much as we do with only knowing them for a short period of time." I explain as we walk after Zoro into the living room.

"And to think, we'll only love them more the more we get to know about them."

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