Chapter 47

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"I dont know what's going to happen now, I always just thought they would come storming through the doors the second I said something." I mumur after a few seconds of quiet. It seems to break the silence in some.

"Why didn't you say anything sooner, Mason?" Riley asks quietly as he leans back in his seat.

"Because I thought I would be able to go through with the plan and keep everyone safe, now I'm not so sure why I just didn't say something sooner since I'm obviously not as strong as I thought I would be since I busted out crying the second I got scared." I huff as I cross my arms over my chest, my shoulders deflating in defeat.

"Don't look like that Masom, you tried to do the best that you could, and that's all we can ask from you. It's not fair that you are being pulled into our drama, even after all these years I hoped that people would just forget about what has happened in the past and move on to the future." Zoro scolds as he shakes his finger at me.

"Its my fault too, it's my old pack trying to do these things to us. I don't know what they want with me since they all seemed to think I was garbage when I was there. It's not like they have been trying to track me down for years." I say as I look down at the table in thought. Maybe the reason they are after me is tied to the way they treated me.

"They treated you bad? I thought that you left because of your parents?" Charles asks quietly as he grabs my hand below the table, giving it a firm squeeze.

"My parents died when I was like, five, it was around a few months later when I left. My parents hated me, I was the first born amd an omega, they were much happier when my siblings were born and they had strong potential to be wonderful warriors like my parents. When my parents died the alpha decided it was then his job to treat me five times worse then my parents ever had. I left short after and I've never seen anyone from my pack since, not even my siblings." I say sadly as I stare at the table, remembering all the times that I wondered why I didn't get loved like my other sibling from my parents? Why the alpha treated me the way he did? Why I am the way I am?

"I'm sorry, Mason. That must have been hard." Rian says as he smiles at me sadly. His gaze sliding over to his own pups sitting at the children's table eating as if nothing has been happening.

"You haven't seen your siblings since you were a kid?" Ashton asks quietly as he picks at the table cloth. I frown as I look at him and nod slowly.

"Yeah, I miss them." I say softly as I watch the look on his face. "You don't  need to feel bad, Ashton. I dont blame you for anything." I say just as softly as I stare into his eyes so that he knows I'm being honest. He only nods before looking down at the table and continuing to pick at the table cloth. I sigh but decide to let it go for now while we discuss the idea of where we are even going to live.

"I'll inform the warriors that they need to be on watch, and tonight we will have a meeting." Charles says as his face becomes blank as he mindlinks the warriors.

"Now, let's enjoy this meal that has been made for us." Zoro says as he passes the rolls to Riley who in turns passed them on.

We all try to enjoy the meal, but with the meeting and new threat looking over everyone's heads, I'm not sure many of us did.

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