Chapter 41

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I sit on the guest bed thinking. I need to kill Zoro, but not actually kill him, and I need to inform him of what is happening so that I don't get killed because I was 'killing' him.

I groan as I flop back on the bed. I didn't think this to be so hard, although I should have because I'm trying to figure out how to kill a person but not  really kill them.

I sit up when I think of an idea.

There would be something in the hospital, a drug, that can make someone seem dead, but not really dead.

I get up quietly and look out the door before I creep down the hall to the hospital, I'm glad that I took ad room do close otherwise I would have to walk by Charles ' room on the way here.

I continue to walk, the halls are quiet, but I know that if I make even are tiny sound, someone might hear me and come to see what I am doing in the hospital.

I enter what looks like a supply room. I look around the room until I find what I am looking for.

Wolfensleep. A drug that can slow any wolf's heart and make them appear to be dead.

I know it would be the best thing to do to make sure that everyone believes that Zoro is dead.

I grab a few more bottles of pills. I'll use then and mash them up in food so it makes it look like he was drugged or committed suicide.

I smile to myself before heading back to my room. I have the first step of this handled, now I have to find a way to make Zoro known of the plan and not tipping off anyone else about what is going on.


I only get and few hours of sleep, a noticeable fact with the dark bags underneath my eyes and the snark in my tone when I answer any questions, but by the time lunch rolls around, my mood seems to have lightened.

"Hey, Mason. How are you doing?" I turn to look as Rason enters the kitchen. I'm nursing a jug of coffee hoping it would wake me up a little so I could think clearly on how I am going to get on with my plan.

"I'm fine. Just a little tired." I answer shortly as I continue to dare at the marble countertop in thought. Maybe I can write it down, but what if they have video cameras up, well if they did then they would have already seen that I don't plan on killing Zoro when I took the Wolfessleep drug.

"That's good. I'm surprised you came out of your room today. After your fight with Charles last night." Rason says as he sits across from me with a glass of apple juice. I snort as it hear it and shake my head.

"Why should I? I take enough crap from him and everyone else while we're at it. I don't need to pretend that it bothers me that he's mad. He needs to stop acting like a child and get over himself." I say as I stare into the black liquid in my cup.

"That doesn't sound like something a person would say about their mate." Rason said as he stares at me.

"Are you trying to say I'm the same as the bitch that came here and tried to hurt Charles, because if you a mate then I have no problem kicking your ass." I seeth as I stare into the amused eyes of the man-child.

"Is just simply trying to see if you do care about my nephew, and you obviously do if you are willing to fight me, a man two times your size, to protect him." Rason smugly smirks at me over the rim of his glass.

"Well, he would do the same, wouldn't he?" I ask retorically. I know he wouod, no matter how mad he is with me, he wouldn't be able to deny the pull, just like me.

"Yes. He would. Now, I know you probably don't want to talk about yesterday, but where did you go? We checked everywhere for you, but you seemed to have dissapeared off the planet earth." Rason's head turns to the side as he looks at me curiously. I open my mouth to spout some lie, when Maven walks into the room.

"Hi, Uncle Rason, I was wondering if you could help me with my homework. You are so much smarter then Papa." Rason looks at me a moment longer before turning around and smiling and Maven.

"Sure bud, let's go." I watch as the two leave the kitchen, and suddenly an idea pops into my head.

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