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Help Me. by Anonymously_Mistaken
Help Anonymously_Mistaken
Oliver has been through everything. Left all he has ever known for greater things, but it all comes with a price. He has been abused and knocked down all his life, what...
  • lgbt
  • werewolf
  • omegaxalpha
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The Omega's Pride [Alpha x Omega!Reader] by Costheic
The Omega's Pride [Alpha x Omega! Cosmoetic
You survived being the lowest rank in the pack, being the only omega had it pros and cons, one of them leaving your pack freely, as you wonder the snow covered forest, y...
  • romance
  • omegaxalpha
  • drama
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the omega  by emowolf15
the omega by ashlynn the wolf
yoru is a young omega male .bullied . he cuts etc . Kodiak is an alpha male . they meet and their worlds completely changs
  • lovers
  • maturecontent
  • mates
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The Oh-Meh-Gawd (Under Construction Before Continuing) by Hiro-Senpai
The Oh-Meh-Gawd (Under Hiro-Senpai
Aya Azura Sky is an orphaned omega who's a member of the Silver Moon's Pack. She lives with her 12-year-old brother and grandparents near the border of the land. She was...
  • romance
  • love
  • hurt
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ein x aphmau by araya1234567890
ein x aphmauby anime queen
this is a ein x aphmau fanfic so dont hate on it just cuz ein is in it thats just rude th
  • humenalpha
  • aphmauxein
  • kiss
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The broken Mate  by Lexie_Jean
The broken Mate by Lexie_Jean
Kalie smith was a nobody in the moon stone pack, not quite an omega, but if she where to fall behind any more, she'd be there, she was just turning 17, and was now desti...
  • omega
  • fiction
  • wolf
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Playing with Fire by LiveBetter5
Playing with Fireby Live Better
Amber is a Omega, but she acts like an alpha. Ace is an actual alpha and he doesn't tolerate disrespect, especially from the lowest rank. So they battle it out, mate or...
  • female
  • powerfulgirl
  • omegaxalpha
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Princes // l.s || Română by darkface34
Princes // l.s || Românăby darkface34
"Cel cu pomeți știe că prințul este îndrăgostit de el?" SAU Unde Louis și Harry sunt doi prinți care sunt destinați să se căsătorească unul cu celalălalt. •Lar...
  • louis
  • larry
  • boyxboy
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Who Would Have Known 💗    (~Jamilton~) by RunRunMeToLove
Who Would Have Known 💗 ( Lovely weirdo
modern day omegaverse Alexander and Jefferson go to the same college but they both live in two different worlds completely, Hamilton is a omega and a book worm, Jefferso...
  • romance
  • thomasjefferson
  • boyxboy
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His Life (On Hold) by ghostein_stereo
His Life (On Hold)by Santi
Whoever said loving someone was easy? Alpha thought it would be easy, but sadly he was mistaken. Demons can be stronger than love. On the other hand, Water and Papa stru...
  • thebandghost
  • omegaxalpha
  • air
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DISCONTINUED Katsudeku/BakuDeku {[Omegaverse]} by Mila_Inao
DISCONTINUED Katsudeku/BakuDeku {[ Blue
ok sooo ya know that story where Bakugou is a dragon tamer alpha and has a color of fluff around his neck and necklaces??? Yea I'm doing a story based on that. THE CHAR...
  • omegaverse
  • book
  • omega
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Bounded by Fate by fujomo
Bounded by Fateby mo
Eren was a teen that has been on the Run since the age of 10, now 7 years later, he's still running. He thought that life would never change for him. One day he was care...
  • yaoifanfic
  • mpreg
  • omegaxalpha
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My Omega (ON HOLD) by MiladyJCY
My Omega (ON HOLD)by Jessiey
Ulricka White a small white little wolf. She is a sarcastic but a kind wolf. She never change to her human form since she was 4 except for that 1 night. For 13 years she...
  • whitewolf
  • werewolf
  • romance
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good boy, blue boy. [boyxboy oc story] by louie-gif
good boy, blue boy. [boyxboy oc ludovic
contains heats & alphas/betas/omegas, depression, sexual themes and other blah blah triggering content. no mpreg because im not intO IT NO THANK YOU. Phyllis Reynolds is...
  • alphaxomega
  • nerdxjock
  • alphaandomega
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The one by Bonnniechan
The oneby Bonnniechan
in this world life is simple people all split into 3 categories alpha beta and omega betas are normal people for the most part alphas are high class and to be respe...
  • omegaxalpha
  • alphaxomega
  • highschool
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my 5 mates?? by beautifulwolfeye
my 5 mates??by werewolf stories
Angel is a normal omega. She is 19 years old. She's also the most beautiful shewolf of her pack. She lived a normal live at her pack until she gets kidnapped by her mate...
  • omega
  • 5mates
  • quintuplets
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Falling for my step brother by LionTaehyungie
Falling for my step brotherby Baby Boy
Chanyeol's dad had married Jongin's mother. Jongin is now his older brother through marriage, not blood. Chanyeol had fallen for Jongin but his step brother would always...
  • topkai
  • alpha
  • bottomchanyeol
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Unrequited Love ( Tododeku ) by Unknown_Perv
Unrequited Love ( Tododeku )by Mika
A world that is runned by heroes and villains. Omegas, Betas, and Alpha only keep this in harmony. A 16 year old Deku is trying to figure out his powers and what life a...
  • yaoi
  • omegaxalpha
  • alpha
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