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'It's been 3 hours. What are they waiting for?' Bellamy asks.
We've been sitting in this car for so long. Three hours of my life wasted. For nothing. 

'Even with the light, I don't see anyone,' Kane says. 
We've been sitting here for three hours and it is already day again. I haven't slept. And I'm tired because of it. 
'I say we make a run for it,' Monty says. 

I turn to look at him with a disbelieved look.
'Are you crazy?' I ask him shocked.
Does he wants to die or something? They didn't cut down those trees just to play with us. They want to kill us. They want us dead. And then he wants to give them that satisfaction? I'm not going out of this car. There's no one who's going to get me out of this car. 

'No. That's what they want us to do,' Kane says. 
I agree with him. They want us to go outside and then they will kill us. But I'm not that stupid. 

'The boy is right. They can wait longer than we can,' Indra agrees with Monty. 
Are you serious? Goddammit. If Indra says that Monty's right then she's speaking the truth. She knows this world better then I do. But I'm still not going out of this car. 

'Okay, Bellamy. Get in the turret, and you cover us. Once we get to that ridge over there, we'll cover you,' Kane says to him.

'Wait what? No, he can't go out there,' I say getting worried.
They are all so stupid. Why do they want to get out of this car? This car is the safest place for us right now. 

'Copy that. Run fast,' Bellamy nods.
'Oh my god,' I whisper.
They are all so so so dumb.
'Okay. I'm going to do this,' I say. 

Without listening to the warnings Bellamy gives me I stand up and put open the hatch in the ceiling of the car. I stick my head out and then I realize I don't have a gun. I only have my sword but I can't get it back once I've thrown it to the enemy. Why did I do this? 
Suddenly there's a knife against my throat. I put up my hands in surrender and put my head up. 

'They're here,' I say to the others in the car. 
If I move I'm dead. I should have stayed in the damn car. I told myself to stay in the car but what do I do? I go out of the car. I'm so stupid. Why do I never listen to myself?

'Everybody out, or the girl dies,' the man who got his knife against my throat says. 
I know it's a man because of his voice. If this is a woman then she has a really low voice. 
It's silent in the car but I hear Bellamy's voice whispering to Kane. They better come out of the car. 

Suddenly the man who is holding me pulls me out of the car fully and throws my on the ground. He sits on my back and holds me down.
'Okay! Okay. We're coming out. Don't hurt her! Don't even dare touch her,' I hear Bellamy say. 

Too late already. I look at the group that is standing outside the car ready for the four that are in the car. The door opens slowly but the group pulls it open quickly and they take the four that was with me out of the car. 

They are thrown on the ground the same as me and some of the man of the group jump on their backs. Bellamy lies next to me and he looks worried at me. 
'Don't worry,' I whisper to him. 
'All targets secure,' one of them says. 

Suddenly they pull up Monty and hold him. Someone takes the beacon away from him and looks at it. 
'Found it,' he says. 
'It's mine! Give it back!' Monty almost shouts at him. 
'Monty stop fighting!' I shout at him.