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They're going to kill Luna. I just know for sure. She's tied on some kind of bed. Derrick, I heard Luna say it, Jasper and I are also tied up. But we are a few feet away from Luna. And we can't reach her. I don't think A.L.I.E. knows that I'm a night blood. No one knew. Luna cut me open. That's how she found out. But it was just a rumor before. 

'Stop! Let her go!' 
'Leave her alone!' Derek and I scream. 
Luna is trying her best to get away. To get lose. But she can't. And even if she would succeed, there are too many people here. She wouldn't win without a weapon. 

'What are you doing? Why are you doing this?!' Luna shouts at the man who's holding her still. 
The leader of the group, that's what I like to call him, walks over to a bucket with water in it and takes a peace of clothing. My eyes go wide at the idea of what he might do and I try to get to Luna. But of course it's not working. 

'Stop! Don't do this!' I shout at the man. 
Derek is also screaming for him to stop and Jasper is remaining silence. I don't think he wants the same fate as Luna. But I don't care. Then I remember who is behind all of this. I remember the one who is controlling this. Controlling them. 

'A.L.I.E stop this! I know you're here and that you can hear me. Just stop!' I shout.
I can't see her. I can't hear her. I'm basically talking to myself. But I know she's here. I know she's watching. But of course A.L.I.E continues. Of course she isn't going to listen to me. I mean, why would she? 

Suddenly their leader places the cloth on Luna's face and he pours the water on it. She can't breath. This is not fun to watch.

'Stop!' Derrick screams trying to get loose.

Luna is shaking her head trying to get the clothe off of her face to breath again but the guy does it for her. 

There's a bit of water coming out of Luna's mouth but then she takes a deep breath. The guy holds a chip above Luna's face and I recognize it as one of A.L.I.E's chips. 
'Take the key and this will end,' he says. '
'What has happened to you?' Luna asks him shocked and scared. 

'He's not himself. It's the chip in his hand,' Jasper says.

'Jasper shut up. A.L.I.E's listening. Be careful with what you say. But Luna, don't take that chip,' I tell her.

Suddenly I feel a pain in my stomach and I lung forward letting out a cry. I look up and see someone standing in front of me with the chip in his hand. 

'Never,' I say talking about taking that chip.

If I take that chip then I'm going to see A.L.I.E.. I'm going to hear her. Even listen to her. I'm going to let her control me. And I don't want that.

The guy punches me in my stomach again and I hear Jasper next to me gasping for air. I look at him and see that he's getting the same treatment I'm having. 

I'm hoping and praying that Bellamy, Octavia and Clarke will find a way to get out. I'm hoping and praying that they will help us. Because this ain't fun. 


They have almost killed Luna for over three times now. It's not right to do this. A.L.I.E. is doing everything to make sure she wins. And the prove of that is on the table. But I know she won't kill Luna. She needs her. She doesn't know that I'm a night blood and I will not tell her that. But because I'm too scared to tell my secret A.L.I.E needs Luna. 

If Luna takes the chip then she will also take the flame because A.L.I.E. will tell her too. And if she does that then A.L.I.E. will win. Then she will know everything she wants to know. She will have a whole army. But if Luna doesn't take it then A.L.I.E. won't win. But I'm sure she will find a way.