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I'm sitting next to Kane waiting for him to be taken away. I still can't believe he's sentenced to death. Pike is killing his own people now. We are on the ground. Not on the Ark anymore. This isn't right. You can't just kill your own people. It will only bring problems. 

suddenly Lincoln is sitting next to Kane and me and he takes my hand. 
'I'm sorry for not telling you,' he whispers. 

'It's okay,' I assure him with a smile. 

It's not. This only caused more problems then there already were. Kane is going to die. And I'm sure Lincoln is also going to die because of his actions. I can't lose him. I lose to much people. It needs to stop. But I know it never will. Eventually everyone around me will die. And then it's only me who's left. What am I going to do then? 

'Chancellor on deck.'

I look up and see Pike and a few others walking our way. They stop in front of the door and my eyes fall on Bellamy. He's still with Pike I see. He looks sad at me and I quickly look away. 

'I thought I had more time,' Kane says frowning while he stands up.

'I'm not here for you,' Pike says. 

He looks at all the people in the room and his eyes land on me. And while he speaks, he doesn't look away.

'Each of you is guilty of the same crimes as Kane, and as such, you will share the same fate... death.'

'Chit en's tel yu op (What is he saying)?' a woman asks while she stands up. 

'Nou trip raun, you (Don't worry),' I quickly say. 
Suddenly Lincoln stands up and walks to the door to speak to Pike. 

'My people are innocent. They know nothing. Don't let them suffer for my crimes, please, sir,' he says trying to stop Pike form killing everyone in this room. 

'Lincoln no,' I say while I quickly stand up and walk to him. 

'Lincoln's right. All the others did was run through an open door, same thing we would do if we were in there,' Bellamy agrees with Lincoln.

'Bellamy they are going to kill him,' I say unbelievable and with tears in my eyes. 

'I believe that's true. Kane, Lincoln, Sinclair, as the leaders of this coup, you will pay for your crimes with your lives. Execution is set for dawn,' Pike says. 
Anger is starting to fill my body and I'm starting to breath faster. 
'You can not do that! You're a monster Pike. You're going to pay for this!' I scream angry at him while I try to get to him. 

I'm trying and doing my best to get the door open but it's not working. It won't move. Not even a little bit. They all start to walk away except for Bellamy. 

'Come back!' I scream angry for Pike. 
Then I look at Bellamy and see guilt in his eyes. Also regret. But I don't care. This is his fault. 

'Go away,' I say angry at him. 

His look immediately change into sadness and he looks at me. He then looks at the ground and turns around. He walks away and doesn't look back. He's going to let them die. He putted them in here. He put me in here. And now the three guys are going to die. Because he didn't even try to stop Pike. Lincoln is going to die. The one who was always there for me is already dead. Lexa is already dead. But the second one who took care of me is now also going to die.


Sinclair, Kane, Lincoln and I are sitting against the door of the cel. I'm holding Lincoln's hand hoping that he doesn't slip through it. 

'Could've worked,' Lincoln suddenly says. 
I look at him and follow his gaze. Kane is looking at the brand mark on his arm. 

'Death can be an act of unity, too. We don't break. We don't show fear. The people will remember,' Kane says sad.