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      There's a man standing in front of me. He looks old. His hair is white. And  i already don't like this guy.

      'How do you know my name?' I ask him angry.
He separated me from Bellamy. That was exactly the thing we wanted to avoid. We wanted to stay together. We knew that maybe it didn't go as planned. But I would love to know how this guy knows me.

      'Everyone knows your name. They know you as the black queen. Everyone says you're special. And with everyone I mean the grounders. The ice nation. All the others out there. But they want you. All of them want you as leader. Don't ask me why because I don't know. But the thing I do know is that you are special. And I don't want you out there because I know that if you have an army, you can kill us. And I don't want that,' he says.

      Since when am I called the black queen? I never heard about that. I must say, it's a little weird. Why not just use my real name? Everyone will understand it if you just say Emily Shields. I think...
'Tell me. What do you do to the people you capture. The grounders. What happens to them?' I ask him curious.

      He hesitates to tell me. He looks a bit scared too.
'We use their blood. Their blood can heal us,' he explains.
'So you practically kill them?'
'Yes,' he says while he nods.

      I'm done. I'm gonna kill this dude. I run angry to him and backs away. But then I stop. My hands are tied up on my back so I can't do anything to him. I look angry at him.
'I won't kill you. Not now,' I snap at him.
Of course I'm going to kill him. Once my hands aren't tied up anymore, I'll be the first one to get him.

      'You're going to the harvest part. I hope you feel comfy there. Say hi to your boyfriend when you get there. He's having a hard time right now,' he then says.
'What's your name?' I ask him still angry. I'm trying not to strangle him because of Bellamy. I don't want to know what's happening to Bell right now because I'll only be sad. I don't want him to feel any pain but I can't do anything about it right now. And that kills me.

      He is taken aback by my question a few seconds but then he responds.
'Dante Wallace.'
'Well Dante Wallace. You better hope that they keep my hands on my back otherwise I would kill you in seconds.'

      Then I turn to the guardwhos standing by the door. I walk to the door and kick it open.
'Get me out of here,' I say.
The guard looks at Dante and Dante nods. Then the guard grabs my arm and he drags me away.


      The guard opens a door and he pushes me in. There are cages everywhere. So they keep them here. They keep the grounders here. Now I know where they went. In front of me there are two people hanging upside down. They're unconscious.

      The guard wants to push me into a cave but a woman stops him.
'She goes first. Dante said we need to get rid of her as fast as we can,' she says to the guard.
Rid of me?! Ow this is where I draw the line! They are all going to die now!

      I pull up my knee and smash it into the guards balls. He lands on the ground screaming in pain. I run to him and grab a knife. Didn't know they use other stuff then guns. I try to get rid of the handcuffs. When I succeed I throw the knife at the woman immediately. The knife goes trough her handa dn she screams in pain.

      Then I feel a pain in my leg. I scream and fall to the ground out of pain. The guard I kicked has his gun pointed at me. He's the first one on mu deadlist. Then Dante and then the others.
'Quick!' the guard shouts at someone.
What the hell? What are they going to do?!

      Then I feel a needle going trough my neck. Suddenly I feel really tired. I feel my eyelids closing and the only thing I hear before I black out is someone screaming my name.