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They left me. The grounders and Kane left me alone in the woods. They probably went further to Polis without me. On purpose or not. But I can not believe they forgot about me. No wait, I can believe the grounders left me. But Kane? Something must have happened because he would never do this. Not to me. Not to Bellamy. But it doesn't matter that they left me. I'm still going to talk to the bitch Ontari.

So right now I'm on my way back to Arkadia. And I've been walking for a day now. I'm tired and hungry. I tripped about three times and I was bleeding. But I stopped it. Thanks to Clarke and Abby I knew how to stop the bleeding. Otherwise I may have bled to death because there was a lot of blood. I didn't want that to be honest.

It also rained last night. My clothes were soaking and they are still a little wet. My hear is all wet and it hasn't dried yet. I feel like I just jumped in the water. Everything is  sticking and I don't like that. When we first landed on earth and it started to rain, I thought it was amazing. I loved it. I didn't care that my clothes were sticking all over my body. But now I do. I hate the rain now. I love the sun. I love it when it's not to cold but also not to hot.

Finally I can see Arkadia. But something is wrong. There is no gate anymore. And no one is here. What happened when I was gone? Literally, there's no one here. It's like I went to a ghost city.
'Hello?' I shout looking around for a someone.

There's no respond. I look around and see that the large door from the garage is open. Not fully. I think you can just fit in if you are my size. I walk towards the door and look inside. First I don't see anything. But when I look to the floor I see someone laying on it. I quickly but careful walk towards the person and let myself drop on my knees in front op them.

'Sinclair?' I gasp when I see it's him.
He looks worried and scared at me and I see he's struggling to breath. I quickly put my hand on his wound to stop the bleeding.
'He got them,' Sinclair let's out.

I frown at his words. What is he talking about?
'Sinclair, what do you mean? Who got them?' I say trying to worry.
I stop pushing on the wound in shock and look at Sinclair with worry. Emerson is still alive? How is that even possible? 

Suddenly I feel arms around me and I'm pulled away from Sinclair. By the force and the strength from the one holding me I know that it must be Emerson.
'Sinclair!' I scream trying to get back to him.
Something gets slammed against the back of my head and I fall on the ground. My sight is starting to turn into a blackness and soon my eyes close.


I feel something presses on my back and my eyes shoot open. I look around and looks at my surroundings. My hands are handcuffed on something that's on the wall and I'm gagged. Now I see what Sinclair meant. Emerson took them. He took my friends. The only ones that aren't here are Clarke and Bellamy. All of this happened so fast. First I was in the woods, them I was trying to save Sinclair's life and now I'm here.

I start to get angry because of the Emerson situation and try to get away. But I stop immediately when I feel a knife pressed against my throat.
'Let my friends go.'
I slowly turn my head towards the sound and see Clarke. So there she is.

When she sees me she gasped.
'Emily?' she asks not believing I'm here.
I really want that knife off of my throat. It's making me uncomfortable. And I know that if I make one wrong move that he won't hesitate slitting my throat.

'Just let them go Emerson,' Clarke says.
'Tell Bellamy to show himself first.'
'I don't know what you're talk-'
Emerson cuts Clarke off by pressing the knife harder against my throat and I let out a yelp. But it's muted by the gag in my mouth.