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Going To Earth (The 100)  by wwxnterr
Going To Earth (The 100) by winter
Being terrified out of her 13 year old mind, and the one of the youngest criminals on the ark; Apollo gets sent down to Earth with the rest of the 99 teenage Ark crimina...
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  • johnmurphy
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Grounders ~The 100 by Smoore20611
Grounders ~The 100by Smoore20611
*COMPLETELY RE-EDITED* "I'm a Grounder. I'm of the Trikru. I'm not just going to leave that all behind." Joyla is a Grounder. She's a skilled warrior as well a...
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The 100 •Be Strong• [DISCONTINUED] by lisahvr
The 100 •Be Strong• [DISCONTINUED]by ✖️•CVR•✖️
Sora is Lincoln's sister and is from Trikru. Her brother and her watched as a metallic object falls from the sky. They both observed the aliens that came with the ship...
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  • lincoln
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The 100 Imagines & Preferences by Fandom_Feelz
The 100 Imagines & Preferencesby Shea
The 100 Preferences/Imagines. Bellamy Blake Jasper Jordan Monty Green John Murphy Lincoln Octavia Blake Raven Reyes Commander Lexa Clarke Griffin **Requests closed*...
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  • bellamyblake
  • murphy
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The 100 | Gif Series by a-boogiewitdahoodie
The 100 | Gif Seriesby -ˏˋ s i e r r a ˊˎ-
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  • marieavgeropoulos
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I Couldn't Stop Caring by _TheFreak_
I Couldn't Stop Caringby LEXA FOREVER HEDAAA
"I couldn't stop" Lexa whispered softly "Stop what?" "I couldn't stop caring" -- Book 1 of the 'I couldn't stop caring' series. This takes...
  • clexa
  • raven
  • azgeda
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Wonkru ☣ Bellamy Blake [3] by nativewanderer
Wonkru ☣ Bellamy Blake [3]by Becca
"Time changes you especially when you're under different circumstances." 6 years is a long time, especially when your confounded to a space that has limited a...
  • space
  • commander
  • warrior
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The 100 Girls and Actresses - Preferences / Imagines (REQUESTS OPEN) by ElisaKole
The 100 Girls and Actresses - Sam
A || Octavia Blake - Skairipa - Marie Avgeropoulus A || Clarke Griffin - Wanheda - Eliza Taylor A || Raven Reyes - Wrench Monkey - Lindsey Morgan A || Lexa - Leksa Kom T...
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Skyler and Octavia (The 100)  by caitlinneil7
Skyler and Octavia (The 100) by caitlinneil7
Skyler is a grounder. She is Commander Lexa's baby sister and that's all everyone seems to think she is - that's all they see her as. But, she's more than that. Octavia...
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  • bellamyblake
  • wattys2018
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The 100 Imagines💯 by stellarke
The 100 Imagines💯by stellarke
Request in PM and I'll try to get them all but I apologize if I can't. ❤= neutral 💓= fluff 💙= sad/angst Sorry I don't do 💦= smut Yet I can do... Murphy-Clarke-Bellamy...
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  • clarkegriffin
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Before the 100 {Lexa x fem reader} by Misto-cat
Before the 100 {Lexa x fem reader}by Jay
As a 16 year old girl, the ark has sent you down to earth, 2 years before the hundred is sent. When you finally meet the grounders you find it hard to fit in with the cr...
  • trikru
  • lexadeservsesbetter
  • lexa
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Warrior Sister | O.B. by caseywritesx
Warrior Sister | Casey Xx
"My blood is black, and I was brought up as an assassin. You really call that normal?" Cameron Jade Griffin. 16. A nightblood. She is one of the most feared pe...
  • skaikru
  • fanfiction
  • octaviablake
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From the Streets |• Clexa AU by lmNotWorthIt
From the Streets |• Clexa AUby Cassia
Clarke Griffin is a billionaire business manager and investor and has everything in her life under control, she has her friends, her family, a thriving business and the...
  • t100
  • ravenreyes
  • octavia
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I Can't Stop Loving You by _TheFreak_
I Can't Stop Loving Youby LEXA FOREVER HEDAAA
Book 2 of the 'I couldn't stop caring' series. DONT READ THIS IF YOU DIDNT READ BOOK 1!!!!!! (The book cover is temporary until I'm home and I can make a better one.) L...
  • lexa
  • octavia
  • trikru
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atomic man, john murphy. by raspberrylimeade
atomic man, john peachy✧
𝐀𝐓𝐎𝐌𝐈𝐂 𝐌𝐀𝐍 | ❛ the little bit he learned about outer space is it's gotta destroy before it creates! ❜ [ the 100 season 1 - ?? john murphy x fem!oc ]
  • finncollins
  • blake
  • azgeda
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Blood On My Name (King Roan of Azgeda) by Captain_Marvel_
Blood On My Name (King Roan of Captain_Marvel_
"She was like a storm on the ocean, he was like the calm before she arrived. She was like the heat of the battle, he was like the peace that followed her. She wa...
  • roan
  • twelveclans
  • king
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❝We'll never fall apart, 'cause we fit together like Two pieces of a broken heart.❞ ♡♡♡ In which a girl realizes that earth is not always fun. ♡♡♡ {the 100 - season 1/2...
  • love
  • bellamyblake
  • fanfiction
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Ghost~the 100} by jerika_crazy
Ghost~the 100}by jerika_crazy
When your the sister of the commander you get special treatment your protected. You have grown up by thinking that love is weakness what at happens when people from the...
  • octaviablake
  • trikru
  • heda
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Diamond|bellamy blake by pottermarvel
Diamond|bellamy blakeby Anna
DIAMOND "Ginger." "Tinker Bell." "Crazy redhead." "Curly ass." EXTENDED SUMMARY INSIDE THE 100 BELLAMY BLAKE X OC COVER MADE BY...
  • octaviablake
  • ginger
  • the100
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Blue | Raven Reyes by Twisty_Teazer
Blue | Raven Reyesby ❀ Morgan ❀
Stephen Pierce use to have everything. A loving family, friends and a great career path. It was a perfect life as life can be on the Ark. But then he fell in love with a...
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