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      I'm walking with Maya and Bellamy. Bellamy's holding my hand and he hasn't let go one second. I'm not complaining though. It's good to know he's alive and that he's in my sight.

'Lovejoy's key card will get you into the armory. The guns are locked, but the guard has the key. I can lure him away or-'

'No. There's no time. Once I get the guns, how do I get them to level 5? They're watching every door,' Bellamy cuts Maya's explaining off. 

      I'm gonna stay quiet in this conversation because I have no idea what they're talking about. I'm listening but I don't really understand it.

'Maybe not. The mess hall has a trash chute,' Maya says while she stops.

Bellamy and I stop too and I look at Maya.

'A trash chute?' I ask her curious.

I have no idea what that is. I must say. I'm not the smartest. 

      'There's one on every level. Best part... no radiation alarms. The hatches leak like crazy. So they put in these airlocks just to be safe. You get the guns, I'll get them into the mess hall,' Maya says. 
I look at Bellamy and see that he's frowning. I squeeze his hand and he smiles at me. Then he turns to Maya again.

'You're a natural-born revolutionary,' Bellamy says to her.

'My mom was the revolutionary. I'm just trying to do what's right.'

      I look at Maya and nod in agreement. She is doing what's right.

'Be back here in 30 minutes,' I tell her.

Then I walk away with Bellamy. 


      'So, what exactly are we looking for?' I ask Bellamy while we crawl trough the shafts.

'To hard for you to understand,' Bellamy says.

I know he's smirking by the way he's talking.

'Hey, that's not funny Bell,' I say laughing.

'You're laughing so I think it is indeed funny,' Bellamy says.

'Oh shut up!' 

      'How long are we in here?'
'Twenty eight minutes,' Bellamy says worried. 
'Maya,' I whisper worried.

'Yeah, we have to get her somewhere she can breath before she gets out of oxygen or she won't survive.'

'How did you know what is happening to her?' I ask him.

'I heard the guard talking to her before they took her,' Bellamy explains.

      I see something like a door and rush towards it. I try to get it open and push against it but there's no movement.

'Bellamy help me. I can't get it open!' I say to him.

Bellamy comes to the front and tries to open the door with me. I hear someone scream.

'They're coming in!'

It's Jasper. 

      Then Bellamy gets the door open and Jasper gets in side. He's pointing a gun at us and he looks a little angry.

'Jasper it's us!' I say to him.

He lowers the gun quickly and I look at Maya. She's having a suit on and she breathing really loud. I can see it's hard for her to breath right now. I understand though. She has just one minute left of oxygen.