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      We're back at the radio again. We were searching for the source of the acid fog but couldn't find it. 
'Ark Station, do you read me? Anybody there?' Bellamy asks through the radio.
'Bellamy, you're late. Every 3 hours means every 3 hours. Are you through? Have you found the source of the acid fog?' Clarke asks. 
'No. That's gonna have to wait.'

'What? No. Nothing is more important than that.' 

      I take the radio out of Bellamy's hand and talk. 
'Our friends are. They're starting to take them from the dorm one at a time every few hours, Clarke. We have to stop them. That's the most important thing. We have to stop them until there are no more of our people left,' I say angry. 
'Taking them where?' Clarke asks me curious. 
'I don't know. Maybe you should come here and search for yourself. Or you should just ask one of the Mountain Men,' I say even more angry. 

      I'm frustrated. We haven't found anything in 3 and a half hours. It's starting to get on my nerves. 
'Calm down, Emily.'

I give the radio to Bellamy and give him a quick kiss.

'I need to get away. I'm coming back in a few minutes,' I say.
'Be save.'
'Always am,' I answer while I walk away.

'Okay look, we've tried to follow them, but they went to a classified level. Maya borrowed the schematics of the vent system from her boss, and Emily and I are still trying to find a way in,' I hear Bellamy say before I'm out of the room. 

      I'm not sure were I'm going but I just walk. The thing that would make my life better is if all these problems would go away. My friends are trapped here. I'm being called the black queen. I don't even understand why. Dante said that every clan wants me as their leader but I can't do that. I can't split myself into different parts. 

      'Back up, everyone. Back up!' I hear someone shout. 
Without thinking I run towards the sound. Then I stop. There they are. My friends. With guards. And a woman. Jasper sees me and he shakes his head. I'm not listening to him. I can't let them take my friends. I can't have that. Because I know they are going to kill them. Two of the guards are walking to Harper. Oh bitch no. 

      'Hey, hey! Get off her!' Jasper screams at them. 

'No, not her. She needs more time to recover,' the woman says. Then she turns to a boy with blond hair.
'This one,' she nods her head at him. 

I grab my knife and run towards them. I press my knife in one of the guards neck without making any sound. He falls to the ground and it's a wonder no one sees him. Well except Jasper and a few others but no one of the Mountain itself. I grab the gun out of the guards hand. 

      Then I run silently to the next guard. I press my knife right through his chest and he looks wide eyed at me. Then he falls to the ground too. There are a lot more people of the 100 looking at me now. And it's almost like they're enjoying it. Then I walk to the woman. I take her hand and press in on her back. Then I put my knife against her throat. I feel her body stiffening and she lets out a yelp. Every guard turns around and looks at us. 

      'You're going to let that boy go. Or this woman here will die. Just like the rest of you. Look at the two guards on the ground. I'm not joking. So drop the guns and every other weapon you have,' I command them angry.
I'm not going to let my friends die just for them. The guards drop the guns and look at me. They're following every move I'm making. 

      'Now you guys are going to walk away. And if you come back, then I won't hesitate to kill you,' I snap at them. 
Some of them walk away immediately. But there are a lot of them that are staying. 

'Didn't you hear what I said?' I ask them angry. 
'Oh we heard. They just don't listen to you,' someone behind me says. 
I turn around with the woman and look at the man in front of me.