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'So tell me. Why do you have paint all over your face?' Abby suddenly asks. 
'Well uhm. We figured out that we aren't the only ones on Earth. There were other people. Survivors. They took me, and I became one of them against my will. Later on I started to like it there. I'm there leader,' I say. 
Abby's eyes are wide open. This is what I expected. 
'you did what you needed to do, I guess,' Abby says with a smile. 
Okay, this is definitely not what I expected. I thought she was going to give a speech or something like Clarke always does. Clarke. She's gone. My best friend is missing. So are all the others. 


'Bellamy,' I hear someone say. 
I turn around and see Murphy leaning on Kane. Where did he come from? Bellamy walks over to him and pushes him to ground. What did I miss? Suddenly Bellamy starts to punch him. Wow, I definitely missed something. I rush over to them and try to take Bellamy off of Murphy.
'Bellamy stop!' I shout at him but he won't listen to me. 
A guard steps in front of me and shocks Bellamy with some kind of taser thingy. 
'Handcuff him,' Kane says. 
I push the guard away and grab my sword. I stand in front of Bellamy ready to attack so that they can't get to him. They're not going to take him. And I'm not going to step away.
'We're not on the Ark. You send us here to die and we made rules. So now you're going to listen to our rules,' I say angry.
'Taser her,' Kane says. 
Is he stupid? Does he want his man dead? The guard tries to taser me but I grab his arm and turn him around so his back is against my chest. I press my sword against his throat and look at Kane. 

'I don't belong to you guys anymore. I belong to the Grounders and I will not take any commands from you. You better watch out because my people will hear about this. They will be really angry when they hear you tried to taser me. They will come for you. No wait, they're already here,' I say angry knowing that Grounders are watching. 
I look around and then I see it. There's a Grounder in the tree. They were really listening and watching. 

'Sitta! (stay down)' I scream towards the Grounder. I know there are more of them. 
'Who are you talking to? And what are you saying?' Kane asks me curious. 
He looks around but I think he can't see them because one, we're really good in hiding and two, he's dumb. 
'Tell me who you're talking to,' Kane says now a little angrier. 
'To my people,' I respond. 
'And I will let them attack if you don't listen to our rules. No one is getting handcuffed. No one is getting arrested and most important, no one is getting tasered!' I shout at him. 
Kane takes a step towards me with his hand up trying to stop me. 
'Take one step and he's dead,' I say.

Of course I'm not going to kill this shithead but he just needs to listen. Kane stops. 
'You're mom doesn't want this Emily. She doesn't want a killer as daughter,' Kane says. 
What the heck is he talking about?! 
'My mother is dead,' I say. 
'No she is not. Meredith is with us. She's on the place where we landed. We can bring you Emily,' I hear Abby say.
'I don't want to see her,' I say angry. 
But what if I go and I confront her? She will be scared of me like I was when I was with her. She will see what she made me become. This is all her fault. Without her I wouldn't be like this. She's gonna suffer for what she did. 

'You know what? I do want to see her.'
I pull my sword off of the guards throat and push him. He stumbles forwards and lands on the ground next to Kane. I turn to Bellamy and pull out my hand for him to take it. He immediately takes it and gives me a hug. 

'Thanks. You don't have to see you're mom if you don't want to. I know how she was,' he whispers in my ear. 
'How do you know about my mom?' I ask.
I never told him about my mom. Only Clarke and Abby knew. 
'Clarke told me.'
Clarke. Of course. Why can't she keep her mouth shut for once?! Just once?! I give Bellamy a peck on his lips and then I turn again. I look to the trees and see more Grounders now. I know they're waiting for a signal.