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I'm walking around camp searching for Lincoln. I wanted to ask him a favour. Suddenly I see a familiar face. 

'Hey Joshua!' I shout while I walk to him. 
He looks up and a smile appears on his face.
'Hey, how are you doing?' he ask.

'I'm good. But I'm not here for a talk. Do you know where Lincoln is?' I ask him serious.

'Uhm, no. Last time I saw him was two days ago on that bridge,' he says.

'Well, thank you for you time. I'm going to look further for him. See you,' I say smiling while I turn around. 

I walk away looking for Lincoln. When I can't find him I walk back to my hut. When I open my door I jump in the air. 

'Goddammit Lincoln. You scared the crap out of me,' I say trying to catch my breath.

'I need you to come with me,' he says.

'Why?' I ask curious.

I was looking for him and now he found me.

'It's about Bellamy,' my heart makes a jump,' Octavia says that he isn't the same anymore since you talked with him. So either you let him be like he is right now or you talk things out,' Lincoln says very serious. 

'You can't tell me what to do Lincoln. I can't do anything about him. He is mad about me. I can't change that. You can't ask him to come and talk to me because he probably won't even come.'

'Yes, he wil. It was his idea after all.'

I frown. What? I thought he never wanted to see me again after my decision.

'When do we go?' I ask.

'Now,' he says and he stands up.

'Okay, I let Lexa know that I'm gone and then I'll come.'

'She already knows.'

I look questioned at him. Why did he tell her that? When did he tell her that? I nod.

'Okay, let's go,' I say and I walk after him. 


We needed to another route because of the blown up bridge. Joshua said it was two days ago. That means that I was a day out. I could have died. But I think that's what they wanted after all. I mean, Jasper saw me but didn't hesitate about shooting. Raven and Finn where there too, so was Monty. I can't believe they did that. I know they did it to slow down the war but they almost killed me. Do they hate me after I joined the Grounders? I thought Bellamy, or at least Clarke would have told them that I didn't had much of a choice. 
'I wonder how he would react when he sees your face,' Lincoln says suddenly.
'What do you mean?' I ask him curious.
What's wrong with my face? I mean, I'm not the prettiest girl, but I'm not that bad looking.

'You have bruises all over you're face. And they don't really look good,' he explains. 
'Well, it's his fault so he better accepts it.'

I follow Lincoln into his cave and stop when I see Bellamy. I'm facing his back. I'm scared. I don't have my weapons so if he is planning on killing me then I can't defend myself. But I also can't hurt him, it would hurt me too. So it doesn't really matter that I don't have any weapons. He turns around and when he sees me his face falls. 

'What happend to you?' he asks worried while he walks over to me and looks at all of my bruises. 
'It was the bomb that blow up the bridge,' I say. 
He looks shocked.

'You were on it?!' he asks even more worried.


'Are you hurt?'