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We've been sitting in this cave for half an hour. I'm sitting on a rock close by the entrance and I'm trying to watch Indra but I can't see her. I can't see anyone. I'm worried. I''m worried that something happens to Indra. She stayed out there to try to talk to the ice nation but she's on her own. If they attack her she will die instantly. There's no one that will save her because we can't see her. 

We're losing her,' I hear Bellamy say. 
'Relax. Save your energy,' Kane says. 
'Kane's right, son. The army will move soon. You'll need your strength for what comes next,' Pike agrees with Kane. 

I don't like nor trust that guy. I don't know why but I  just have this feeling that he's going to cause trouble. Bellamy nods and walks over to me. He sits down next to me on the rock and smiles at me. I smile back but it's fake. It's fake as hell. I can't smile when Indra is out there. Or Clarke. They're both in danger. And I can't do anything about it. 

'I need to know what happened.'
I turn around and see Monty sitting in front of his mom.
'Monty,' Hannah says while she shakes her head.
'Please,' Monty begs his mom. 

I can see from my spot that there are tears forming in her eyes.
'We landed in the snow,' she starts. 
Bellamy stands up and wants to walk closer to them but I grab his hand. He turns around and looks at me. 
'Don't,' I whisper while I shake my head. 

He nods and sits back on the rock again. He puts his arm around my waist and pulls me closer. I lay my head on his shoulder. The story that Hannah is going to tel Monty is not our story to listen to. I know they are all going to listen. Even me. But it's actually none of our business. This is Monty's dad. Not ours. I know how Monty feels. I'm sure I felt the same when my dad died. 

'Your father said it absorbed some of the impact. That's why we survived,' Hannah says while she stops a few seconds after the sentences. 
'The snow looked so beautiful, it...' 
I see she's struggling with the words. 

Who the hell is Charles? 
Suddenly Pike stands up. So that's Charles. 

'The children were playing in it,' he says while he walks over to Monty and Hannah.
He sits next to Hannah and continues.

'They were the first to die... 15 of them. If not for your father, would've been more. He pulled 4 kids back into the ship, all 4 alive today.' 
'They got him when he went back for the fifth. Your father died a hero, Monty,' Pike finishes. 

Monty nods and sniffs. I stands up and walk to Monty. I sit down on the ground and take him in my arms. He cries and I feel tears forming in my eyes too. Hanna puts her hand on my shoulder and nods at me. I give her a weak smile and look at Bellamy. He smiles at me and I smile back. This time it's real. 

'We've been fighting Grounders ever since,' Pike suddenly says.
I let go of Monty and Hannah takes him in her arms. I stand up and look at Pike.
'That was the Ice Nation. Not all Grounders are the same,' I say. 
'They are to me.' 

'Really? Then why haven't you killed Indra yet? Or me?' 
'I haven't killed Indra because Kane says that I can trust her. But what do you mean about you? Why would I want to kill you?' 

'Emily,' Bellamy says warning me. 
'No. He should know,' I say while I turn my head to him. 
I look at Pike again and I'm slowly turning angry. 
'When we landed on Earth I was taken by them. I was taken by the grounders. They made me a grounder. They even made me their commander. I was their leader. And that job was a good thing for me. It made me strong. But eventually I got back to the sky people. I may not look like a grounder from the outside. But I will always be one from the inside. I will always act like one.'