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So I'm really going to give this story a twist. Hope you like it.

"Places are not evil, Brother, people are."  


'Hey, everybody, gather around and grab a weapon,' Bellamy screams.

Without even asking what's wrong I grab two knifes and a crossbow someone made. No one knows that I can shoot with a crossbow. I'm actually very good at it. I used to sneak out to practice with it.

'My sister's been out there alone for 12 hours. Arm up. We're not coming back without her,' Bellamy says to the people who are coming with him. He looks at the people and stops at me. He walks towards me, grabs my hand and walks somewhere no one hears us. 

'What do you think you're gonna do?' he asks frowning his eyebrows.

'I'm coming with you guys. Octavia is my friend and I'm gonna look for her,' I say very serious.

'Why do you never listen to me?'

'What do you mean? You never told me I couldn't come with you.'

'Just don't die,' he says before he takes off but before he can get out of camp someone shouts. 

'Guys, guys. Come here! Did you see that? Look up there. It's so beautiful,' someone says.

I look to the guy who spoke and follow his gaze up to the sky. There are thousands of I don't really know what it is but it can't be stars because it's not dark yet.

'They didn't work. They didn't see the flares,' Raven says worried.

'A meteor shower tells you that?' Bellamy asks before I could ask anything.

'It's not a meteor shower, it's a funeral. Hundreds of bodies being returned to the Earth from The Ark. This is what it looks like from the other side,' she explains. 

She looks up to the sky again.

'They didn't get our message,' she says sad. 

Her face turns into an angry look and she turns to Bellamy.

'This is all because of you!' she shouts at Bellamy.

I walk to them and stand in between them.

'Hey! It's not his fault! I told you that before. It was me so don't blame him,' I say angry.

I'm not really sure why I protect him but yeah. Bellamy pushes me back again.

'All I know is that my sister is out there and I'm gonna find her.' he asks Raven angry.

She turns around and walks away.

'What are we waiting for? Move out!' Bellamy screams.

All the others walk away and I want to walk away with them but Bellamy stops me. I face him.
'What's wrong?' I ask him.
He looks to the ground and takes a deep breath.

'Just, don't get hurt okay? I don't like to see you hurt,' he says before he walks away.

I look shocked but then I walk after him.


We thought we found Octavia, but we didn't. We're walking in the woods and I'm really tired.

'Hey, where's John?' someone asks. 
We all stop and look for him. 
'I just saw him a second ago,' a girl says.
I walk a few steps and suddenly something falls in front of me. I look at it and I find John I guess.
'Uh guys? I think I found him,' I say shocked.
They walk towards me and when they see John they grab their knifes and look around.
I take my crossbow.