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      Maya, Jasper and I moved to someone else's home. Monty is not with us anymore. He's still alive but just not in the same room. He went to someone else's house. I was against it because he's my friend and I want to watch over him. But they told me that I couldn't. That Monty needed to go to someone else or there were to many people in one room. Maya, Jasper and I are staying with a woman and a man. They're really nice and I know I can trust them. 

      'Do you guys want something else?' the woman asks us.

'No thanks,' I say with a smile.

I am bored. I have nothing to do. I'm tired of waiting for nothing. The people in this mountain are not going to survive so why don't they just give up? Suddenly something buzzes and a voice starts to speak. 

      'My fellow citizens, this is your president speaking. I have news to share with you that will change all of our lives forever,' Cage says. 
His voice is coming from a speaker. 

'Oh god, why can't he just shut up?' I say irritated. 
'For 97 years, Mount Weather has been our home. It's kept us alive, but it has also held us captive. Most of us have made peace with what we've had to do to survive. We've done these things for one reason... so that our people could someday return to the ground,' Cage continues. 

      I look at the woman and man in front of us and see that they're listening very concentrated. Like they are thinking about everything Cage says. I hope they don't take this serious.

'That day is today. Before my friend Lorelai Tsing was murdered by the outsiders still at large in this mountain, she found a cure. It was in their bone marrow.' 
So that was the woman's name. Lorelai Tsing. I'm glad she's dead to be honest. 

      I look at Jasper and Maya and see that they are looking very concerned. I'm not concerned. I'm scared. Scared that they will find us. 

'This has been the dream of our people since the bombs, but to reach it now, I need your help. The 44 criminals that irradiated level 5, killing 15 of our people, are now keeping us from that dream. Although we've repaired our home, we can never replace the lives that were so viciously taken from us, and as hard as it is to believe, there are those among us who would help the people who did this, and I am speaking to you now. If you truly want to end the blood treatments once and for all, then the 44 murderers you're now hiding are the key to doing that.'

      I see in the corner of my eyes that the woman and the man are looking at each other. They want to get out of this mountain to see the world. I know they do. And I understand. But this is not the right way. And if they get out of here, then they die immediately. Right now there are grounders outside everywhere preparing for a fight. At least I hope they are. It was the plan after all. 

      'You have one hour to turn them in without punishment. After that, we'll be forced to consider you enemies of the state. I'm asking you, please do what's right for your people, our people, so that we can all take our rightful place on the ground.'

It's silent for a moment when he says the last few sentences.

'We're almost home. But here's another thing. If the 44 don't come out. Then I want just one person. She will be enough for all of us. Her blood will be strong enough for all of us. I'm talking about Emily Shields. If you know her. Then turn her in. And we will leave the other 44. One hour. Remember that,' Cage finishes his speech. 

      I'm sitting in shock while Jasper and Maya are looking worried at me. They want me. But why? I'm don't have enough blood for everyone. And even if I had it. Then I wouldn't turn myself in. But I can't do anything about that. If the two older people in front of me want to hand me over to Cage then I can't stop them. I can't run away because there will be guard everywhere. I have just one thing to say about this. I'm screwed. But let's just hope that it doesn't come so far.