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      I walk into the tent where Raven is and see her crying. I needed to talk with her about the radio, but this doesn't seem like a good moment. I can see she is devastated. Of course she is. The love of her life just died. She couldn't even say goodbye. 

      'Raven, are you okay?'
Stupid question. Of course she's not okay. Raven turns around and when she sees me she wipes away the tears quickly.
'Yes, I'm okay,' she responds with a sad smile.
I walk to her and hug her. She hugs me back immediately and the tears are streaming down on her face again.
'No, you're not okay. I know how it feels Raven. You feel like you just lost a piece of your heart. Like it just fall apart in thousand pieces. But I promise it will go away eventually. Maybe not in a few days, but it will go away,' I whisper to her. 

      'It hurts. It hurts so bad knowing that he's gone. I loved him so much and now I have no one. Why is this happening to me?' she cries. 
'That's not true. You don't have no one. You have me, Bellamy, Clarke and probably a lot more people. Remember Wick? You have Wick too. And it's not only happening to you. We all feel pain. Finn meant something to all of us.' 
Suddenly she stops crying and takes a few steps back. 

      'It's her fault. I gave her the knife to kill Lexa. Not Finn. It's all Clarke's fault. If she just listened to me and killed Lexa then we could've take Finn away. It's all her fault. Why didn't she listen?!' Raven says now angry. 
'No that's not true. It isn't Clarke's fault. Raven, she didn't want to kill Finn. If you know what they had planned for Finn, then you will be happy that Clarke did it this way. Trust me, you didn't want that for Finn. Raven, there was no change that Finn was going to be freed. If we killed Lexa, then all the grounders would've killed us. And then it was all your fault.'
'What were they planning to do to him?' Raven asks me curious. 
'It's not something you want to know Raven. Believe me, you don't want to know.' 

      She nods after a few seconds and then she turns around. She walks to the radio and start working on it. 
'I came here to asks you about the radio. Is it working?' I ask her while I walk over to her. 
No? That's all I get? Can't she say something else? No? Okay. Apparently she doesn't want to talk anymore. Without saying anything else, I walk out of the tent leaving an angry girl behind me. 


      We're walking with the grounders to Tondc. I'm sitting on a car next to Raven with Finn's body on it. Raven doesn't respond to anything I say. I think she hasn't slept because she has dark bags under her eyes. Bellamy and Clarke are walking in front of us a few feet away and they're talking. I don't know what they're talking about but Clarke seems a little pissed. Yeah, Bellamy has that effect sometimes. I look at the grounders behind the car and see Gustus on a horse. He's riding next to Lexa. I smile at him and he smiles back. Never saw him smile to be honest. 

      'How have you been doing Gustus?' I ask him. 
'I've been doing great. It's not the same without you in camp but we'll handle it. You have you been?'
'The same. But tell me, why does everyone say that it's not the same without me? Lexa said the same thing,' I ask curious. 
'Do you remember that huge campfire we had in honor of Anya and all the others we've lost? The campfire were you gave that speech about being strong and being a warrior?' he asks me. 
I smile. Yeah I remember that. I nod and he continues talking.

       'Well everyone was happy since then. We all believed we were strong and warriors, because of you. You made us believe that. And when you weren't commander anymore, there were changes. We still thought we were strong and warriors but it wasn't the same in camp anymore. The kids don't play so much anymore. Some of the people are not happy. Lexa does her best and she is a great commander, but I can see that it's hard for her as well. You know, first there were two commanders. Now there is only one. Everything is on Lexa now,' Gustus explains. 
'I'm really sorry that I left you all, but it was for the best. And if it's okay then I will come visite one day.' 
He nods and then starts talking to Lexa next to him.