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I had no idea what Luna ment. Another night blood? It wasn't possible because she and Ontari were the only one left. No one else. But everything got clear when I took off the bandage. But it didn't make me understand the situation. It didn't make me understand why. Or how she knew. 

How can I be a night blood? What happened to me to become one? Was I one when I was born? Because that's not possible. All these questions are going through my mind and I'm getting frustrated. I want to know how it's possible for me to be a night blood. And I'm not going to stop asking until I know everything I want to know. 

But instead, I'm listening to a girl who has lost her mind. She's talking nonsense and I'm bored. I'm waiting for Luna to come to us so I can talk to her. Not only I want to get some answers but also the rest of my group. Clarke was shocked about the fact that I'm a night blood. She never thought I could be one. And I didn't too. I didn't bleed that much but it was definitely not black the last time I checked. 

But the one that is even more shocked then Clarke is Bellamy. He's scared too. Scared that I'm going to take the flame and possibly die. It's the same with Luna. She will possibly die too but I don't think Bellamy cares that much. It's just a girl he barely knows. He has known me for a long time now. Has been stuck with me for a long time. It's a miracle he's still with me. 

My thoughts are interrupted by a door that's opening. I quickly look up and the second I see who it is I stand up and make my way towards her. Now I can get some answers. 

'Luna, how is this possible?' I ask her while I show her my arm. 
It's healed but you can still see the blood that came out from the wound. 
'That's the only answer I get?' I ask her frustrated. 
I was hoping for more. 

I just want to know how and why this happened. And what did Lexa do to make me a night blood? 

'When Lexa died, I got a message from Titus. Apparently Lexa told him that she gave some of her blood to you. People think it's not possible. They think the blood will only be black for a small part. But her blood turned your blood black too. You're a night blood now Emily. And if Ontari finds out about  this, she will want your head,' Luna explains to me not even taking one look at Clarke and Bellamy next to me. 

'Then why hasn't she killed you already?' Bellamy asks Luna trying to show no emotion. 
But you can hear in his voice that he's worried. Worried that when Ontari finds out she will have my head. But that's not going to happen. She won't win the fight. 

'Because I don't want to be the commander,' Luna says. 

I don't think she wants to continue talking about this because she quickly changes the subject.

'The boats return at nightfall. Then you leave. Forever.'

'Luna, let us explain,' Clarke tries.

'I said no.'

We can't push this. Luna doesn't want to take the flame. And if she doesn't want it then we can't change her mind or forse her. It will only make her hate us and that's not what I want. I would like to keep me on her good side. Though she swore to herself that she wasn't going to kill anyone for the rest of her life, you never know when someone's mind is going to change. 

Luna wants to walk away but Bellamy stops her.

'No, you need to hear this.'
He takes a step to her but is stopped by Luna's guard. He places his hand on Bellamy's chest and keeps Bellamy from walking any further to Luna. Luna looks at Bellamy and waits for him to speak. Her guard takes his hand off from Bellamy's chest and then he starts to talk.