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Ashley Judd - Meredith Shields (Emily's mom)

'So, when are we going to look for our friends?' Finn asks us.
Bellamy and I were at a table drinking moonshine when Finn interrupted us.
'We're not allowed to look for them. Abby won't let us go,' Bellamy says. 
'And I can't come with you guys,' I say. 
Both of their heads shot my way to look at me. 
'Why not?' Bellamy asks curious. 
'I promised that I would co back to camp tomorrow,' I explain. 

'You can't be serious? Our friends are gone and you are going back to camp just to sit on you're lame ass doing nothing,' Finn says angry. 
I stand up and face him.
'I have a job to do Finn. Now that Anya's gone, I have to take care of my people together with Lexa. I promised her to come back.  I'm sorry Finn. I will search for them but tomorrow I'm going back,' I say angry. 
'Yeah whatever. We just have to find our friends.'
'No, you mean Clarke. You have to find Clarke. I know you Finn. You don't give a damn about the others. You just want to save Clarke. And only Clarke.'
'That's not true. I do give about the others,' he says angrier then first.
'You know what? I'm not even going to discuss this with you,' I say while I sit back in my seat next to Bellamy.
Finn walks away angry. 

'Do you really need to go tomorrow?' Bellamy asks suddenly. 
I look at him.

'Yeah Bellamy. I wish I could stay but I can't. Why?'

'Nothing. I'm just going to miss you.'

I look at him with a smile. I take his hand and squeeze it.

'I'm going to miss you too Bell. I will visit you guys as much as possible,' I assure him.

He smiles at me and leans in for a kiss but before our lips touches someone coughs. Bellamy sigh and backs away. I look to my right and see who interrupted us. 

'What do you want?' I ask my mom. 
'I want to talk.'

'Go on,' I say while I place my hand under my chin. 
'Alone, please.'

'No. If I want Bellamy to stay then you better deal with it.' 
'Bellamy? Bellamy Blake?' my mom asks curious while she looks at Bellamy. 

'Yep that's me,' he says. 

'You are the one who shot chancellor Jaha.'

'And you are the one who slapped her daughter and got her arrested,' he shots back.
'My name is Meredith.'

She holds her hand out for Bellamy to shake it but he doesn't grab it. I smirk at him and he smiles back. 

'So what did you wanna talk about?' I ask her. 

She looks back at me again and starts to talk. 
'I want to apologize. I'm really sorry for what I let you do. After you got arrested I knew what I did. It was my fault and I'm really sorry for that,' she  says with tears in her eyes. 
'You're dad's death was to much for me and I finally see that it changed me so much. I used my anger against you and that was wrong. I shouldn't have done that. I was a horrible mother and I see that now. But I want to do it right now. Can you please give me a second change?' she asks me crying. 
I can't stand the feeling to see her like this. She always stays my mom and it's horrible to see her cry. I stand up and put my arms around her.

'I forgive you. I give you a second change but you won't see me very often,' I say. 
'What do you mean?' she asks me while she pulls back a little to look at me. 

'I don't belong here anymore. I belong to others. That's why I look like this. I'm their leader and I can't let them down mom. I'm going back tomorrow,' I explain. 
'Oh. Okay, I understand. You have to do what you have to do,' she says with a little smile. 
I smile back at her.