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A piece of a wheel. Rope. They are going to hang someone. Clarke or me. Maybe even both. But I'm just glad that Bellamy isn't here yet. I'm glad that it takes them so long to even find him. 
'Don't be afraid. It's not for one of you,' Abby says to Clarke and me. 
Then for who is it? Bellamy? Are they going to hang him when they find him? Because I can't watch that. 

Jaha throws one piece of the rope up and Ontari catches it. Then Abby walks over to it. Jaha hands her the rope and now I know who is going to be the one hung up. 

'Mom, Mom, stop. Listen to me. I know you can hear me. Just stop,' Clarke begs her not to do this. 

'You know how to stop this,' Abby says.
She then steps on the wheel and pulls the rope over her head. It's hanging loose around her neck. For now. That won't be for long.
'Wait, A.L.I.E. If you kill her, you'll never get what you want,' Clarke says not knowing where to look. 

But I know she's listening. Just like she always does. 

'A.L.I.E.'s not killing me. You girls are,' Abby says.

A.L.I.E.'s not killing me. You are. It repeats in my head over and over. It's true but also not. A.L.I.E. is controlling Abby but we are letting her do that. We can stop her but we are not giving them anything. We can't give her hat she wants. 

'Mom, don't do this, please. I'm begging you, don't do it,' Clarke says softly but hard enough for Abby to hear it. Abby looks at her and then she takes a step forward. Closer to the edge. Closer to the edge of dying. This is not happening. This is not real. This can't be real. I don't want this to be real. 

But I know all of this is indeed real. The chips. A.L.I.E.. The flame. Everything is real. 

'What's the passphrase, Clarke?'
This is real. Clarke looks at Abby with tears in her eyes and she shakes her head. 
'I can't. I can't,' Clarke sobs. 

Abby takes another step forward and waits for Clarke to give her what she wants to know. 

'Abby stop. don't do this. Shut her out Abby. Shut A.L.I.IE. out!' I shout at her hoping I will get to her. But it's no use. Abby takes another step forward and the wheel rolls away. She's not able to breath. but she is trying. 

She's not using her hands. But I can see she wants to. She's trying to not show any pain. But I know she feels it. 

'No. No. No!' 
It's the only thing Clarke repeats over and over again. 
A.L.I.E. is going to far with this. She's doing everything to get the code to activate the flame. She's doing everything to win. 
'I'm so sorry,' Clarke lets out. 
A.L.I.E. should be sorry too. For doing this to all of them.

I know for sure that some of them didn't even want this. That some of them were forced to take the chip. Abby is one of them. She would never take it if she wasn't forced. Kane too. He would also not take it. I'm sure the half of the people who took the key did not willingly take it. They were forced. Lies were told. 

'I understand.'
I look away from Abby and see Ontari talking to someone. I know it's A.L.I.E. because I can't see who Ontari is talking to. Suddenly she walk away from the spot she was standing at and she walks towards some sort of pipe. 

She grabs it and walks to Jaha. She then bends down on one knee and puts her head down while she holds up the pipe. 

'What are you doing? Wait. Stop,' Clarke says. 
Jaha takes the pipe from Ontari and he stands in front of her.
'Jaha don't do this. A.L.I.E. stop,' I say angry. 

She's killing someone else. Two in a row. Who's next? Jaha? 
'A.L.I.E., stop it. Please don't do this. No!' Clarke says the same time Jaha slams the pipe on Ontari's head. 

She falls on the ground and I look down. They can't know that I'm a night blood. Or I will die too. They can't know that I can stop A.L.I.E.. Suddenly the door opens and I look up. 

'Bellamy, stop him!' Clarke shouts before I can even see who it is. 
He's still alive. Thank god. 

Bellamy shoots Jaha in his shoulder and then he slams the gun on his temple. Jaha falls on the ground and I know he is knocked out. Bellamy quickly runs toward Clarke first so that she can go to her mother. I now realize that Murphy is helping her. It's been a long time since I've seen him. 

'Is she alive? Is she breathing?' Clarke asks Murphy hoping her mom is still alive. 
'It's okay. She's breathing,' Murphy tells the worried girl. 
'Jaha has the Flame. Get it,' Clarke tells Bellamy. 

She's loose and Bellamy runs towards Jaha. But instead of running to her mother Clarke runs to Ontari. 
'We can't let Ontari die. We have to stop the bleeding,' Clarke says to Murphy. 
I don't think they know that I'm here. I'm still tied up on a pole you know. 

'I got the flame,' Bellamy says. 
'Yeah i'm just gonna stay here I think?' it's comes out more as a question but no one seems to notice it. 
They don't even seem to notice me. 

'Her pulse is weak.'
'At least she's alive,' Bellamy tells Clarke while he runs towards her and Murphy. 
He takes off his backpack and crouches down next to them. 

'Here. Hold this to the wound,' Clarke tells Murphy.
'Come on. What are you gonna do?' he asks her. 
'I need a flashlight.'
'First, we take out the chip. Then we put in the Flame.'

Clarke points a flashlight in Ontari's eyes and it's silent. This is a moment for me to say something. 
'Hello? Is anyone going to help me?' I ask them. 
But no. 

'Her pupils are unresponsive,' Clarke says hopeless. 
'What? What does that mean?' Bellamy asks.
'That she's brain dead dumb asses! She can't help us! Now get me the fuck loose!' I shout angry. 
And this is the point were they finally notice me. 

'Do I really have to shout that hard for you guys to notice me?' I ask Bellamy still a bit frustrated while he helps me. 
'Sorry,' he whispers while he quickly pecks my lips. 
'It's alright. It's alright,' I say finally able to spread my arms. 

'Emily's right. She's brain dead. She can't give us the kill code. It's over,' Clarke says sad.
'We're trapped here,' Murphy says. 
I sigh getting frustrated again. 
'Helloho? I'm here. I'm a night blood,' I say like they are just kids and dumb. 


Bellamy opens the door and raises his gun as soon as he sees that Abby is awake.

'Hey, no. It's okay. I used the EMP. She's back,' Clarke says pushing Abby back a little bit. 
Bellamy lowers his gun again and I raise my eyebrows at him.

'Shoot him instead,' I say nodding at Pike. 
Pike sighs and looks away. And Bellamy just gives me a smirk. He knows how much I hate the guy. And I think Pike knows too. 

'W-w-well, what about Ontari? I thought you said we had one shot with that thing,' Murphy says pointing at the brain dead girl on the ground. 

Clarke stands up and starts to explain. 
'I told you, Ontari's no longer an option for the Flame. She's brain dead. Is the floor secure?' Clarke asks changing the subject. 

'For now. Jaha and the guards are tied up in a bedroom,' Bellamy explains. 
'I think they are having fun,' I say smiling. 
'We took out the elevator and the ladder as we climbed. The stairs are collapsed. No one's following us,' Pike says ignoring my words. 

'Good. Then we have time,' Clarke says. 
'What we don't have is a way down,' Murphy says.
'Time for what?' Bellamy asks Clarke frowning. 

Clarke looks at me and I nod letting her know it's okay. We've talked about this. She finally agreed and she told me that she was going to make Bellamy change his mind too. At least she was going to try. 

'An Ascension ceremony,' Clarke explains. 
'Ascension? You just said Ontari wasn't an option. Besides, she's still chipped, and we no longer have an EMP,' Murphy says not understanding. 

'We're not putting the Flame in Ontari's head.'
'We're putting it in mine,' I finish Clarke.