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'Clarke, that thing killed Emerson in seconds, liquefied his brain. Please tell me you don't agree with her,' Bellamy says.
I knew he wouldn't like the idea of putting the flame in my head but it's the only option.
'Emerson wasn't connected to a Nightblood. Emily is a Nightblood,' Clarke says telling Bellamy she does agree with me. 

'Why?' Bellamy asks turning to me. 

'What do you mean why?' I ask him not really understanding him.

'Why are you doing this to me? If something goes wrong then you die. Do you think I can handle that?' Bellamy asks raising his voice with every word.

'I'm sorry but we don't have another choice? Would you rather let all these people die?' I ask him. 

'If that means that you will live then yeah.'
This got me by surprise. I wasn't expecting him to say yes. But it isn't going to change my mind.

'Bellamy I love you. I really do. But I have to do this. Everywhere I go people die. Let me be a hero for once,' I say getting tears in my eyes. 
'Look, we are going to connect her to Ontari. In case something goes wrong then there's a change that Emily will survive because of Ontari,' Clarke explains. 

Bellamy shakes his head and walks over to a corner. He sits on the floor with his knees up and his head in his hands. By the sight of him I know he still doesn't want the flame in my head. but there's no other option. I'm the only Nightblood left now. Luna doesn't want have the flame in her head and Ontari is practically dead. 

'Transfusion?' Pike asks Clarke about connecting me with Ontari. 

'Not exactly.'

'Connected like Mount Weather,' Abby says guessing what Clarke means. 
Clarke turns around to look at her mom and she nods. 

'Yes. Everything we need is in your med kit,' Clarke says. 

'No. It's too dangerous, and there are too many variables,' Abby disagrees.

'But no options,' Clarke says. 
Suddenly there are more people coming into the room. 

'Okay, well, whatever you're doing, you better do it fast.'

At the sound of Octavia's voice and her words Bellamy's head shoots up. 

'Why? What happened?' he asks his sister while he stands up. 

'They're climbing.'

I rush immediately towards the balcony and look down. Octavia is right. They're climbing all their way up. If we don't hurry then we're dead. I turn towards Bellamy who is on my right side. 

'Bellamy I have to do this,' I say worried about our lives. 
He turns to me and his jaw is set. There's a frown on his face and I hope he's going to give in. 

I take his hand in mine and squeeze it. 

'Please,' I almost whisper. 

Bellamy closes his eyes and nods. He then opens it again and looks at me. 

'Just so you know, and I've said this like a hundred times already, but if you die, I die,' he says. 

I never liked it when he said that. I just hope I don't die. I put my arms around his neck and place my lips on his. 

'Thank you,' I murmur against his lips after a few seconds. 

'Just get it over with, okay?' 

I laugh at his words. He really doesn't like this. I turn to Abby and she nods at me. I think she already heard it. I walk inside with her and Clarke behind me and sit on the thrown. Abby sets everything up as not long after I have to needles in the howls of my elbows. I nod at Abby letting her know I'm okay.