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First I thought I was the only one here. But when I walked into the heart of the city I saw that I was far from alone. There were people everywhere. I just hoped that I wouldn't be seen. But of course I'm not having any luck. I never have that. 

There's a man walking behind me and I'm not sure if he is really following me or just going to the same directions as me. But it does freak me out a little. Suddenly the man walks next to me and I stop out of shock. He doesn't stop. He walks towards a woman and gives her a hug. He was just going the same direction. 

I look up and around me searching for the woman who is whispering my name. I turn into circles searching for her when I see the sign that's on the chip. I want to walk towards it but when I take one step it fades away. I turn around again and see someone who I never thought I would see here. 

I thought he was with us. Not against us. How could he do this to us? How could he betray us? His friends. After all the danger and stories he saw and heard. He still took that chip. I'm going to have a word with him when I'm done here. I've I stay alive. 

Jasper walks towards me and I was about to talk to him but he just walks further like if he can't see me. That's when realization hit me. They can't see me. I'm invisible to them. The flame makes me invisible. Okay, this is a good thing. It's going to be easier like this. I start to walk after Jasper to see what he is or is going to do. But when I see him it's not something spectaculair. 

He's sitting on a bench eating ice cream while he is all happy. How can he be so happy when he knows that he betrayed his friends? But before I can come up with an answer I hear my name being whispered again. I see the same sign again only to fade away when I take one step. Suddenly a woman walks past me and I am shocked by how her hair looks. This time I'm not going to let it fade away. 

I follow the woman to where ever she's going to and still hope people can't see me. I never know when I will be visible for them. I took the chip so that means that A.L.I.E. can control a part of me. Maybe she's the one who can make me visible. I just hope she doesn't find that out. 

I'm still walking behind the woman until I fall on the ground. My head is pounding. What the hell is happening? I thought there was no pain in the city of lights. I look at the ground and see dark blood dripping on it. It's not working. Something's wrong. The flame is probably to much for me since I wasn't born as a night blood. Or there's something wrong with Ontari. I don't know which one. 

But when I look up I know that this is bad. Everyone stops walking and looks at me. Oh no. Oh no, this is bad. I'm not invisible anymore. Alarm, I'm not invisible anymore! And they can see me and they know that I'm not really belonging here. I quickly run away only to be met by more people walking my way. 

Yeah this is bad. There are people coming from left and right. The only way for me is straight ahead. But where will that lead me to? More people? Not seeing any other option I run forward up to the stairs. I'm not sure what happened but suddenly I feel a bit stronger. Maybe I'm going to survive this after all. Maybe my body is not rejecting the flame. Or maybe Ontari is okay again. 

Because of my thoughts I don't see two people running towards me. But before they can really attack me I throw punches at them. I may not have my sword but I know how to fight without it. I put up my arm to block a punch only to be met by one in my stomach. I lung forward and try to get some air that was punched out of my lungs. 

suddenly the ground underneath my feet is gone and I fall on my back. I roll away to not get a foot in my face and quickly stand up again. But before they can attack me again someone screams and the two man fall on the ground. I look at the back of the woman who just helped me. But when she turns around with a smile on her face I gasp for air.