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When I woke up I was there was a gag in my mouth. It still is. I'm walking with handcuffs next to Octavia in the forest. Kane, Monty and Octavia are having the same problems as me. One, handcuffs. Two, a gag in our mouth. And three, Bellamy. I can't believe he is still not on the right side. I forgave him. It was a stupid mistake of me. 

'You sure about the route? We're getting close to the blockade line,' Pike says to Bellamy. Bellamy looks over his shoulder to Pike and his eyes meet mine for a second. I quickly look away. I can't look at him. He's still not with us. Pike killed Lincoln and he is still doing this. Still in Pike's group. Still a killer. Still a monster. And if he isn't choosing the right side then he will always stay a monster. 

'That's why Kane set up out here. He didn't think we'd risk it,' Bellamy explains.

'He was wrong,' Pike says looking at Kane.

'What's gonna happen Emily and Octavia? I know they have to answer for their crimes, but..' Bellamy trails off. 

It's a miracle he even asks Pike. I thought he would just let us die. Lincoln died and I don't think Bellamy gives a shit so why would he give a damn about us?

'Tell you what. I'll make you the same promise I made to Monty's mother, immunity from all past actions, but if they screw up again-'

'Oh, they won't. I'll make sure of it. It's also my sister and girlfriend, my responsibility,' Bellamy says while he takes a quick look at Octavia and me. 

This time I don't look away. But he does. His responsibility. Well he isn't doing a good job with it. And I'm not his responsibility. I'm no ones. 


'Hold on,' Pike suddenly says. 
One of the guards stop me from walking and I look around. 
'Now, the cave is just on the other side,' Bellamy says pointing.

I know one thing and that is that the cave is not there. Bellamy walked wrong. He was walking wrong all the time. 

'Keep a sharp eye out,' Pike says to the guards. 
Bellamy slowly starts to walk and we all follow. I don't think he is planning on leading Pike to the cave. Otherwise we would've been there already.

I slowly walk after Octavia and look at the trees for any signs of grounders. There are. There are two grounders in the trees. And they both are looking right at me. I slowly shake my head at them hoping the guards behind me didn't see it. 

But suddenly  horn goes off.

'The blockade! Anybody got eyes? Back up. Back to higher ground,' Pike shouts at his people.

I look at Bellamy with a slight fear in me and see he's taking Pike's handgun. He points it at him and Pike looks shocked. I'm shocked too. I did not expect this at all. 

'Drop your weapon,' Bellamy says to Pike but also to the other guards.

'What the hell are you doing?' Pike asks Bellamy frowning.

'Drop your weapon!' Bellamy says with more power. 

In the corner of my eye I see that a guard goes for Bellamy but before I can kick his ass Octavia already does it for me. The guard falls on the ground.

'We bring you Chancellor Pike of the Sky People. Emily, translate,' Bellamy says not taking his eyes off of Pike. 

I take the gag out of my mouth and lick my lips first. They are dry because of the lack of water.

'Osir lid yo in Chansla Paik kom Skaikru!' I shout.

'You killed us all,' Pike says to Bellamy.

Bellamy doesn't hesitate with saying the next sentence. 

'Take him. Lift this blockade.'

'Teik em in, ban disha treibloka we!' I shout.

Suddenly arrows are being shot at the guards and they all fall to the ground. I quickly grab a knife from one of them and cut away the handcuffs. Grounders appear and I'm not even afraid anymore. I know they only want Pike. 

'Put away the gun Bell,' I say to him while I walk to him. 
I grab my sword from Pike and give Octavia hers.

'In that case...' I suddenly hear Pike say.
I turn around just in time to see him lunging for Bellamy but an arrow in his shoulder stops him. A grounder runs towards him and kicks him. Which leads him to be knocked out. 

'Where are you taking him?' Kane asks the grounders when the pick up Pike.

One of them turns around and looks at me first before he answers.

'To the new commander.'

'Who is the new commander?' I ask taking the only change of asking.

'Ontari kom Azgeda,' he says. 

I see a flash of guilt in his eyes when he looks at the shocked look on my face. I know her. She was with the queen of Azgeda. I may not have been there to see everything, but people do tell me things. Not much. But they do tell me. And I know from everything I've been told that she isn't going to be a good commander. She killed all of the nightblood kids just so that she could be the new commander. I would've killed her. But I know that if I do that, I'm going to be killed too. And I'm not really waiting for that. 

'May I join you?' Kane asks.
He pulls up his sleeve and shows the grounder the brand mark.

'We're the 13th Clan.'

'Don't slow us down,' is the only thing the grounder says before he turns around and walks away. 

'Are you sure? We know nothing about the new Commander,' Monty says not really finding it a good plan. 
'I'm sure. Go home. Tell our people what happened here. Tell Abby I'll look out for Clarke,' Kane says.

'I'm coming too,' I say.

I'm the only one of the group who knows something about Ontari. And if it's true that she killed the kids then she's going to face me. I should be the new commander. Not her. And she's going to understand that and be a good leader. Or I will kill her and be one myself. Monty walks away and Bellamy looks at me with a hurt look. I sigh and put my arms around


'Thank you,' I whisper not knowing what else to say.

'Always. I love you Emily,' he says waiting for me to say it back. 

But can I say it back? It's been a long ride for him to finally understand that he wasn't doing what was right. And he took me in it. Hate. Love. Fear. Pain. I needed to go through it alone because he wasn't there for me. He was to busy being a lost puppy and following Pike. But when I look at his face right now seeing him hoping that I will say it back brings a smile on my face. He still cares about me. And I'm happy to know that he hasn't given up. 

'I love you too.'
I place my lips on his soft ones and linger for a few seconds. Then I pull back and place my forehead on his. We stand like this for I think five seconds and then I turn around and walk after the grounders not caring if Kane is behind me or not. I need to see Ontari. I need to talk to her. And I need to get some sense in her head. And I won't stop until I succeed.