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I'm watching three of Pike's people with Octavia. We're at a river. Octavia and I are sitting behind a tree trying to not get seen. I don't know exactly what they are doing but it seems like they are taking some water to test or something like that. A few minutes after Clarke and Octavia left Bellamy woke up. He asked me where the two girls were and got mad when I didn't tell him. 

I just don't understand. I was with him the whole time since he got tasered and then the first thing he asks me is where Clarke and Octavia are. He then gets mad. He didn't even say thank you. He didn't even looked like he was thankful. I stopped Clarke from tasering him longer then she wanted to. And him getting angry is all I get? After that I just left. 

'We done here?' I hear Hannah ask. 

'10-meter draw, and I'm good,' a guy says.
I don't know his name but I do recognize his face. He's the one I held my knife to. He's the one who was pissing me and Lincoln off. Who wanted to shoot Lincoln just because he is a grounder to them. Octavia holds her hand against her ear and starts to speak. 

'Pike's detail is still at it... soil and water samples,' I hear her say in person and through the small radio in my ear. 
'Any idea what they're up to?' Kane asks us. 

'No, but considering how heavily they're armed, I don't think they want anyone to find out,' Octavia explains. 

I look at the three people but see someone else moving in the corner of my eye. I turn my head and see a grounder. It's a boy. A kid even. 

'Oh shit,' I say. 
'What is it?' Kane asks me a bit worried. 

'There's a grounder kid. Hang on,' Octavia says. 
I look back at Hannah and the two others praying that they haven't seen him. But my prayers aren't heard. The three of them look at the kid and one of the guys puts his hand on his gun. This is not good. 

'We have to do something,' I whisper to Octavia. 

'Hello there. Don't be scared,' Hannah shouts at him with a smile. 
Everyone would be scared if you see someone with guns looking at you like they want to kill you so badly. 

'We can't let him go. He'll tell his people he saw us,' the guy says. 

'Octavia, Emily, please respond,' I hear Kane say.
But I'm not really listening to him. I'm worried about the kid. There's no way they are going to let him go. 

'Hannah!' the guy says with a strong voice.
She turns her head to them and nods. The two guys raise their guns at the boy but the boy quickly runs away.

'Gillmer! With me! You go that way!' Hannah shouts while she runs away to the direction the boy ran. I have to keep in mind that the guy who I held my knife to is Gillmer. 

When they are out of sight I quickly stand up and run another way to get to them. I can't let that kid die. He's too young. It would be my fault if he dies. 

'Octavia, you there? Emily?' 

'They're going after the kid. We're trying to cut them off,' I explain to Kane while Octavia and I run. 

'There he is! Cover me,' I say to Octavia when I see the boy. 
I appear from behind a tree and grab the kid by his arm. I put my hand on his mouth so that he keeps quiet and I quickly walk a few steps back. I let myself drop against a tree with the kid and try to catch the sound of the three guards. 

The kid is trying to get away. I think he thinks that I'm one of the guards. 

'Wan daun (stop). Set daun (stay down),' I whisper in his ear. 
He immediately stops from getting away. I say Octavia's head from behind another tree and shake my head. She has to keep her head behind the tree so that they won't see her.