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Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Paul Shields (Emily's dad)

'You didn't stop them.'
I look to my left and see my dad. No. No not again. I can't do this anymore.
'Dad please, just get it over with. I'm tired of this. Every time it's the same thing. It's my fault. I could have saved you. That's all you say every time. Just kill me already,' I say while I get tears in my eyes. Why is it always the same? I always die at the end. Why not kill me in the beginning? That's a lot easier. 

'You let me die. Why?' my dad asks while he walks slowly towards me. I open my mouth to react but then I shut it. I'm not going to say something. It doesn't matter what I say. I will die. And after that I'll wake up. Like always.
'You're not my daughter. My daughter would've saved me. You didn't save me,' he says angry.

He pushes the knife in my chest and then he's gone. It's faster then usual. Usually it takes a lot longer before they push the knife in my chest. Suddenly every thing disappears. 

I open my eyes. Another nightmare. Again... They're killing me. It's always the same. I'm not as scared anymore then I used to be, but it still hurts to see them like that. I don't want it anymore. I want them to stop. But how? 
I step out of the bed and put on my clothes. I always have the same clothes on. They're comfortable. I walk out of the hut. It's still dark. I don't know what time it is but I don't care. I look around and the first person I see is Indra. I walk over to her. 
'Indra, I need you to do something for me,' I say when I reach her. 
She looks up and looks worried at me. She's always like this. Worried. Worried about her leaders. I know she used to hate me but not anymore. Lucky me. Indra is really nice actually. 

'Tel ai (tel me), Heda,' she says. 

'I need you to deliver a message to Lexa when she's awake. I have to go to Skiekru and talk to my mother. I need to tell her something and it can't wait,' I lie to her. 
It can wait but I don't want to. I need her and I need her now. Indra looks curious at me but nods. 
'I will tell her, Heda,' Indra says. 
'I will be gone in a few minutes and I'll go with a horse. Oh and one thing. Call me Emily, please,' I say smiling. 
She smiles back at me and nods. I don't want to be called Heda because it's not my name. My name is Emily and I want to be called Emily. Not Heda. I can't get everyone to call me Emily but I think the most of them. I turn around and go back to my hut. I walk inside. I walk towards my desk and grab some paint. I dip my fingers in it and bring them to my face. I don't know why I put the paint on but I just like it. When I'm done I grab my weapons and walk out again. I walk to the horses and grab the first one in the row. I jump on the horse. He starts to walk and we're gone. On our way to camp Jaha. I still don't like the name though.


'Don't shoot! I shout towards the guards with my hands up.

I'm sitting on my horse waiting for them to open the gate put they're just standing there with their guns. I don't really think they trust me.

'Don't open the gate!' 
I know that voice. I look at the person who talked and look right in Bellamy's eyes. Why is he telling them not to open the gate? 

'You're  here for Finn. If we let you in then you're going to kill him,' Bellamy says angry. 
I look shocked at him. What the hell is he thinking? I thought he trusted me. 
'I'm not here for Finn, Bellamy. I'm here for my mom,' I say. 
I still have my hands up and I'm kinda tired of this. No one trusts me here. 

'I don't believe you,' Bellamy says still angry. 
'Bellamy are you serious right now? I thought you trusted me. I am not here for Finn!'
'I did. I did trusted you. But not anymore.'
I feel like someone ripped my heart out. 

Bellamy's pov 

It hurts me. It hurts me to say I don't trust her. I really do trust her, but I'm just scred if she does something to Finn. It hurts me so much. It hurts me to see her like this. After  
I get ripped out of my thought because of a gun shot. I search for the person that shot. When I find him I see that his gun is pointed to Emily. Oh no. I look at Emily and see she's looking at the shooter with wide open eyes. Suddenly she slides off of her horse losing her grip and falls to the ground. 

'Abby!' I scream for her while I run towards the gate. 
I open it quickly and run to Emily. She breathing really fast. I try to find the wound but it's dark so I can't really find it. The I see it. It's in her stomach. I lift up her shirt and I immediately see it. She's shot in the wound from the bridge. I put my hands on the shot wound and try to stop the bleeding. 

'I'm sorry. I-I'm so so-sorry,' she lets out.

I look worried at her. Oh god no.

'No, no you're not gonna die. You're gonna be fine. Abby! Stay with me Emily. I'm so sorry I do trust you, I was just afraid. Please don't leave me. I'm sorry for everything I've said,' I cry out.

The tears are streaming down my face. She can't die. I care to much. I don't know what I would do  if she really died. We've had ups and downs but I really do like her. I love her. Do I really love her? Yes, of course I love her. 

'Don't leave me Emily. Abby!!' I scream for Abby again. 

'I love you. Emily, stay awake, please. I love you. I can't lose you,' I say. 

A smile appears on her face and her eyes are shut. Oh god. too soon?

'I love you too Bell,' she whispers. 
Her eyes are shut. They're not opening again. I look worried at her. 

'Abby! Abby come here!' I scream really loud. 
I pick Emily up and carry her in bride style towards Abby. Abby was running towards us, finally, but stopped when she saw me running. She looks worried at Emily. She presses her fingers against her neck trying to find a heart beat. 
'She's alive. Hurry, bring her to the medical part. Hurry!' she says before she runs away. I run with Emily in my arms towards the medical part and lay her on a bed. 

'I need to get the bullet out of her,' Abby says while she runs in. I look desperate at her.

'I don't care what you have to do to keep her alive. Just keep her alive, please. I can't lose her,' I tell Abby.

'Emily is strong Bellamy. She is the strongest person I've ever seen. She will survive Bellamy,' Abby assures me.

'Bellamy, I'm sorry but you need to get out. You can come back when I'm done,' Abby says.

I take a look at Emily. I don't want to leave her but I have to. I look sad at Abby and nod. I stand up and walk out of the room. If she doesn't survives, then I'm done. I don't know what to do when she dies. She can't die. She just can't die. 

What ship name do you guys give Bellamy an Emily???