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'Everyone, gather around!' Anya screams. 
Lexa and I are standing next to her. We're have prepared for the war and we're going now to attack. Anya has decided, after I asked her a thousand times, that I'm coming with them. I wanted to fight for both sides although she doesn't know. 
'Oso throu daun ogeda. Ge smak daun, gyon op nodotaim (We fight together. Get knocked down, get back up.) Today we are going to attack the Skypeople. The fighters come with us,' she says while she looks at me,' and the rest of you are going to listen to Lexa. You will continue doing you're job. We're leaving now, so grab you're weapons and be ready,' she says to everyone. 

I was about to walk to my hut to grab my weapons when Lexa grabs my arm. I look at her and see that she's worried. Why is she? She always tell me not to worry about anything. That it will be okay.

'Come back in one piece, please. You've become like a sister to me, and I want you to come back. Is that clear?' she try's to command me. I smile at her.

'Of course I will come back, Lexa. Ste yuj, and don't worry Lexa (stay strong),' I assure her. 

She nods and lets go of my arm. I give her a smile before I walk away to my hut. I grab the usual. My sword an knife. I take one last look in the mirror. I'm about to fight against and with my friends. I'm worried about them. But most about Bellamy. What would he think if he knows I'm going to fight while I said I wasn't? He hates me anyway, so I think he will hates me even more. If that's already possible. Suddenly the door opens. 

'Are you ready, seken?' someone asks. 
'Yes. I'm ready,' I respond while I walk with him out of the door. 
I walk to the horse that's standing next to Anya and jump on it. I take one last look at Lexa before I let the horse walk away. 


We are almost at the bridge and I'm nervous. 
'You can go back if you want.'
I look at Anya. Did she really just say that? I look back to the front. 

'No, I want to fight. I want to be useful for something. I want to be here,' I say to her. 
I can't disappoint her right now. 


'We're here,' I hear her say after a few minutes. 
I look at the bridge and see nothing unusual. I let my horse walk and when I stand on the bridge with a girl on my side I see movement in the tree. I look at whatever is in the tree and see that it's Jasper. He's holding a gun and it's point to something. I follow the loop of the gun and then I see it. It's a bomb. I want to turn around quickly but Jasper is faster. He pulls the trigger and the bomb explodes. I get thrown off of my horse and I land on the ground. All the air is pressed out of my longs. My stomach hurts really bad and I put my hand on it. I feel a sting and I look at my hand. There's blood on it. I look at the right side of my stomach and see that it's socked with blood. My breath becomes unsteady. I feel hands on my stomach and I look at the person who's helping me. 

'Anya, leave me. Get back to camp,' I manage to get out of my mouth.
'No, you're going to survive this. Nyko will know what to do. He will fix you. And if he can't then the blond of the Skiekru will,' she says with her eyebrows frowned.

'Sis em au (help her),' Anya commands someone. 

Someone picks me up and places me on my horse. I let out a yelp. It hurts so bad. The boy jumps on the horse himself and holds me. He puts his hand on my wound trying to stop the bleeding and with his other hand he makes sure that I don't fall off of the horse. My eyes are starting to feel heavy.

'No, you're not gonna fall asleep, seken,' the boy commands.

'What's you're name?' I ask trying to keep my eyes open.

He looks at me and then back at where he was looking at. 

'My name is Joshua,' he says without looking at me.