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'May we meet again.'


'Wake up.'
I feel someone's shaking me and I slowly wake up. Then I realize again where I am. I look up and meet Nyko's face.
'What's wrong?' I ask him while I sit up.
'You need to go and meet Anya and Lexa today,' he tells me.
Oh yeah, I forgot. Shit, I don't want to meet them. They took me away from my friends goddammit. They took my away from Clarke, my bestfriend.
'When you walk in, you take whatever she gives you. She will probably give you a knife with you're name on it,' Nyko says to me.
I nod. Am I really going? What if Clarke finds out I betrayed her? Or when Bellamy finds out. God, stop thinking about him. He let me go and is not even looking for me so he doesn't care about me. I walk out of the door with Nyko and follow him to wherever the hell I'm gonna meet up with the two leaders of the Grounders.


'Go inside,' Nyko says.
We've reached the tent from Anya and I'm nervous. Nyko thought me their language so that makes it a little easier. But I'm still nervous though. I take a deep breath and walk in. I look to the commander and the second in command. They have paint on their faces. It looks like make-up but it also doesn't. actually, it looks like mascara mixed with tears. It looks kind of scary. Do I have to wear it like that? Anya stands up and looks at me.
'Chon yu bilaik? (Who are you?)' she says.
'Ai laik Emily,' I respond.
Okay, this is going well, I guess.
'Em ste kwelen. Em ste no gona (she is weak. She's no warrior),' someone in the back says. I understood everything she said and I'm kind of humiliated. I'm not weak. Otherwise I wouldn't be here.
'Em pleni! (Enough!),' Anya shouts to her.
I back away a little.
'I choose her to be my second next to Lexa, Indra. You better respect that,' Anya says angry.
She turns to me again.
'Wor ste komba raun (war is coming). Do you want to be my second and fight next to me? Or do you want to be seen as a coward and be hated by everyone?' Anya asks me.
Hated? What does that have to do with this? But okay. This is it. Am I really going to betray all of my friend? I mean, they haven't come looking for me yet and it's been three days. It's not that hard.
'Sha (yes),' I say.
I've done it. I've betrayed them. What am I gonna do when I need to fight against them? Why didn't I think about that earlier?!
Anya walks over to me and takes my hand. She places a knife in it and then she let's my hand go.
'Like I already said, wor ste komba raun. Tomorrow we have a meeting with the leader of the skypeople. I want you to come. Lexa stays here and leades the people and I want you ny my side. Indra will be there too and a few others. I understood that you know how to use an crossbow? Make sure you get one,' she says before she walks over to the big chair and sits in it.
'Now, you can go, Emily of the Trikru.'
I nod and walk out of the tent. I see Nyko is already gone. I walk over to my little house. So it's settled then. Tomorrow my best friend will see that I'm together with the enemy. That I'm second in command also. What will she think? What will Bellamy think? I know Clarke can't keep her mouth shut so I know she's gonna tell Bellamy the news when she finds out. I'm scared now. And also screwed. Anya basically told me that we're going to kill them. I'm going to kill my friends. How can I live with myself after that? Can I even do it? Well I know the answer. And the answer is no. I'm going to be able to kill them. But I will stand by Anya's side. Because if I don't, it will be my dead.


I look between the tree's trying to catch a glimp of Clarke and Finn.
I'm sitting on a horse. There it is. I can see her blond hair and I immediately regret that I came. I look to my right at Anya and she nods at me. That's the sign. I'm going alone. My horse walks to the bridge and I meet Clarke's face. Her mouth falls open and she's shocked. So are Finn and Octavia. Lincoln already knew. Octavia looks angry at Lincoln.
'Why didn't you tell me this?' she asks angry.
'I couldn't,' he says calm.
I climb off of my horse and walk towards Clarke. Her mouth is still open.
'Clarke,' I greet her.
I'm trying the best I can not to cry. I see tears welling up in her eyes and they roll down on her cheeks.
'Why?' she cries.
'We thought you were dead.'
I can't show weakness. And why did they thought I was dead? They didn't even look for me!
'I'm sorry,' I say trying to hold back the tears.
'Are you the commander?' she asks not wanting to belief that I belong to the Grounders now.
'No. I'm second in command,' that's the only info I was able to give her. Clarke looks angry at me and wipes away the tears.
'Well I want to speak to the real commander. Not someone who betrays her friends,' she says very angry.
Pang! My heart breaks in thousands of pieces. I feel a tear streaimg down my face and I wipe it away quickly. I knew that she was going to think about me like that. But I didn't really had a choice. It was this or my death.
'So you can,' I hear Anya say behind me. Anya stops next to me and looks at Clarke.
'Your name is Clarke?' Anya asks.
Clarke nods not taking even one glance at me. I thought Bellamy was going to be here too, but I'm lucky I guess. At least I don't have to face him.
'I'm Anya.'
Then Clarke starts to speak.
'I think we got off to a rough start, but we want to find a way to live together in peace,' she says trying to convince Anya to start over.
Well let me tell you something, you can't convince Anya. She's not gonna say, "yeah let's forget about all the deaths and just start all over again". She is not going to say that.
'I understand. You started a war that you don't know how to end,' Anya says.
I told you so.
'What? No. We didn't start anything. You attacked us for no reason,' Clarke says confused.
'No reason? The missiles you launched burned a village to the ground,' Anya says starting to get angry.
'The flares? No. That was a signal meant for our families. We had no idea-'
'You're invaders. Your ship landed in our territory,' Anya cuts her of.
I can sence Clarke is getting nervous. She plays with her fingers. She does that every time she gets nervous.
'We didn't know anyone was here. We thought the ground was uninhabited.'
'You knew we were here when you sent an armed raiding party to capture one of us and torture him. These are all acts of war,' Anya says angry.
Wait what? Torture? Did they torture Lincoln?! It's that what they did after I got taken by the grounders?!
'I see your point. That's why we need to put an end to all of this.'
Anya's face goes back to a serieus face again and she continues speaking.
'Lincoln said there are more of you coming down, warriors.'
'The guard, yes, but also farmers, doctors, engineers. We can help each other but not if we're at war.'
Clarke is right but I can't tell her that. This war is stupid.
'Can you promise that these new arrivals won't attack us, that they'll respect the terms you and I agree on?' Anya asks.
No she can't.
'I promise I will do everything I can to convince them to honorr the terms that we set.'
Oh no, Clarke why did you said that?!
'Why would I agree to an alliance that your people can break the moment they get here?' Anya goes on.
I look worried at Lincoln and see that he knows what we're about to do.
'If you fire the first shot, those people coming down won't bother negotiating. Our technology, they will wipe you out?' Clarke says.

Then Anya look at me and nods.
'Ai don sen in chit bilaik ai gaf sen in (I've heard what I needed to hear),' she says to me before she turns to Clarke again.
'They wouldn't be the first to try,' Amya says.
This is it. My bestfriend is going to die. And so is Finn and the sister of the boy I like. I look at Lincoln and nod signing to get Octavia out of here.

'Clarke, run! Run!'
I know that voice. Jasper. There are gunshots and Anya runs to her horse with me behind her. I pull my leg over the back of the horse and I'm about to ride away when I hear the voice I never thought to hear again.
'Clarke, get down! Finn, get back! Go, go!'
I look behind me and see Bellamy. He's looking at me and I can see tears. This is exactly what I wanted to avoid. I can't bare to look at him. It breaks my heart even more then it already did.
'I'm so sorry,' I mouth with tears in my eyes before my horse runs away.
'Emily!!' I can hear Bellamy scream.
There goes the last piece of my heart.
I want to turn around and jump in his arms but I can't. I don't belong to them anymore. I don't belong to the skypeople anymore. I belong the the Trikru now.

I wrote this on my phone. Sorry for all the misspelled things.