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Just imagine it's Bellamy

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Just imagine it's Bellamy

'Clarke is going to convince Lexa not to attack. She can stop the war. At least, that's what we think. I don't know if it will work but we're going to try anyway. But we need to get Abby in case something happens to Lincoln,' Bellamy says to me.

'I need to come with Clarke. If I'm there then there is a possibility that Lexa will listen,' I say.

If Clarke is going alone then there is a change that she isn't coming out. I don't want her to die. She's still my best friend after all. And I also miss Lexa to be honest. I haven't seen her in days. Actually, I didn't count so I don't know how many days it's been. But I do miss her.

'Why can't you stay? I want to know for sure you're save,' Bellamy says slightly worried.
'I want to stay but I can't. I need to go back to camp anyway. I need to show them I'm still alive or they will search for me and that's not what I want,' I say.
'Okay, but please come back save. I love you so please come back to me. Promise me. Promise me you're coming back,' Bellamy says while he presses a kiss on my forehead. It's nice to know he really cares about me.

'I love you too Bell. I promise that I will come back,' I say smiling. 
He puts his arms around my waist and I automatically put my arms around his neck. I can see Octavia looking at us with a smile. I smile back. Suddenly I feel Bellamy's lips against mine. He pulls me closer and holds me like I'm gonna die out there. Well there is a change I'm going to die. The kiss doesn't last really long sadly. Bellamy let's me go and I give him one more smile before I walk to Clarke.  

'Hey, I'm coming with you,' I say when I reach her.
She looks curious at me.
'You're my best friend you're not going alone. Lexa needs to tell me what she wants to do. And I need to show my face before everyone thinks I'm dead. We can't have that, can we?'
She laughs with me nods.

'No we can't have that,' Clarke says laughing.

I take a last look at the four people in de drop ship before I crawl out with Clarke.


Clarke and I are walking in the woods towards camp. We've been walking for hours now and my feet are killing me.
'Note to myself, bring a horse next time,' I say to myself.
'I thought you came to camp Jaha with a horse?' Clarke asks me.
'Yeah I did but I forgot. I came with a horse,' I say while I face palm myself.
'What is it like?' Clarke suddenly asks.
I look questioned at Clarke. What the hell does she mean? A horse? Does she want to know what it is to ride a horse?
'What is it like being the commander from the grounders,' Clarke explains smiling before I could ask.
'Oh. It's nice. Really. Although, with Lexa by my side it's a lot more difficult. We both have to agree with each other. So Clarke listen, if Lexa says that she wants Finn dead then I can't do anything about that. I have to agree with her if she wants that,' I say a little sad. 

Clarke nods and gives me a little smile.

'It's okay. I understand that,' she says. 

But I don't think it's okay. And I know she doesn't find it okay either. We both don't want Finn dead. Well a part of me does but it's a really small part. But any way, Finn is my friend. I know what they will do to him once they get him. It's not really something I want to see. I think getting floated is better then what the Grounders have in store for him. He killed 18, he will suffer the pain of 18. It's horrible. I know exactly what Lexa will do and I don't want to be a part of it. I don't want to see it. It wil ruin me if I need to see what they will do to Finn.