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They push me and Sinclair into the room with all the grounder people and they quickly close the door. I spot Lincoln and see him walking towards me. 

'What did I say about doing stupid things?' he asks me trying to teach me a lesson. 
I know that what I did was wrong but I just needed to do it. And it wasn't even stupid. I was trying to save people from getting killed. At least that's what I thought. I think Pike was giving us falls information because he knew about the mic in his office. It was stupid of us to do it this way. 

'That I shouldn't do it. I know that big brother,' I say with a smile when I say the last two words.

I always saw him as my brother. I always wanted a brother. And he takes care of me like one. First I saw him like a friend. But eventually I started to care about him more then just a friend. The feelings weren't love like Octavia loves him. But it was like family. I love him like a brother. 

'You're stupid,' he says while he takes me into a hug. 
All the feelings I pushed away are suddenly coming up. Tears are starting to fill my eyes and I start to shake. Lincoln backs away and look shocked and worried at me. When he sees in which state I am he grabs my hands and tries to calm me down. 

'Hey, hey, it's gonna be okay. Chil yu au (calm down). What happened?' Lincoln asks me worried.

'He locked me up. He didn't even do anything about it. I'm in here because of him. Bellamy is so stupid. I hate him. I hate him,' I repeat those words crying. 

'Listen to me. Bellamy is doing what he thinks is right. He doesn't see that it's wrong. Only you can stop him Emily. But with the way you're doing that now isn't right,' Lincoln says trying to calm me down. 
After my breath is steady I look at Lincoln.

'Thanks,' I say still a little sad.

'No problem little sister.'

I smile at his words and he's smiling too. I hug him again and lean my head on his shoulder. 

'what are they going to do to us?' I ask him worried about our lives.

'I don't know. But I know one thing. Kigon yo gonplei (keep fighting).'


'Lincoln, can you braid my hair?' I ask him.

he looks shocked because of my question but nods eventually. He walks over to me and takes out the ponytail I had. 

'How do you want to have it?' he asks me.

'Like a grounder would.'

Then he starts to braid my hair. I remember Octavia did it for me. It was when Lincoln was in the drop ship as a reaper. I remember the talk we had. Then she braided my hair. I remember Lexa. She used to do it a lot for me. I always loved the way she would braid it. Like I was a painting or something. She always said that my hair was so soft. 

I miss her. I didn't saw her that much when I left but I miss her. I just didn't realize how much. What would have happened if she was still alive? Would there still be a kill order? And who is the new commander? I still don't know who it is. 

'I'm done,' Lincoln says after a while.

I turn around with a smile and look at him. 

'Thanks. I'm sure it's beautiful,' I say with a huge smile. 
'It is.'


Lincoln and I are both taking care of the sick grounders. They shouldn't be in here. They should be in medical. Or Abby should be here. She's the only one who can take care of her.