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Here I am. On the drop ship with ninety nine others. Sent to Earth. And this all because of my mom. If she didn't tell me to take the blame for what she did, then I wouldn't be here right now. I hate her for it. Why couldn't she let me live my life like every other normal person? Why did she need to make it difficult for me? 

I look down at my wrist and see the wristband. My mom told me not to take it off otherwise people would think I'm dead. She says that it sends my vitals to the Ark so they can see if I'm still healthy. If I'm still alive. But taking off this wristband is exactly what I'm going to do. I'm going to let people on the Ark think I'm dead. I'm going to let my mother think I'm dead. She deserves it.

She should have been floated. And I know that you can't just say something like that about your mother. But what she did to me was bad. After that you will think differently about it. My dad didn't want this. He was floated because he stole something. My mom went nuts. She was out of her mind and I didn't recognize her anymore. It was like she was a completely other person.

'Are you okay?'
I stop thinking about my mom and look to my right only to see a girl. She looks like she's 13. She's got blond hair and it is braided in two braids. I can't believe that they send her down here. What did she do to deserve this? Stole some candy? I wouldn't see her as someone who kills people. 

'Yes, I'm okay,' I say with a little smile. I can see that she doesn't believe me.
'Are you sure? Because I could see the tears in you're eyes.'
'I'm fine, really. I'm Emily,' I say trying to change the subject.
'Charlotte,' she says with a huge smile.

How can she be happy? She is send to a place without knowing anything about it. She doesn't know how to survive down here. We can die when the doors open because of radiation. There is a change that there's still radiation on the ground and that we'll all feel it. That we'll die a painful death.

'Spacewalk bandit strikes again!'
I turn my head to the voice and suddenly someone is flying in front of me. The flying boy in front of me isn't a bad looking man. I'm not someone who dates everyone, believe me, but I do look at boys. I mean, why not? Every girl does that. It's not forbidden or something.

'Hey beautiful, I'm Finn,' the boy says with a huge smile on his face.
'I'm Emily. We can talk if you go back into you're seat because I don't want a dead body in front of me when we reach the ground. And there are two boys doing the same thing as you so please be the responsible one and go back to you're seat,' I say.
He looks shocked at me but then he fly's back to his seat.

'So, what did you do?' he asks me when he sits.
I give him a questioned look.
'Why are you sent to earth?' he asks while he rolls his eyes.
'I took the blame for something I didn't do.'
'And that-'
'Is not you're business,' I cut him off.
I don't want people to know what my mom did. I still hate her, but it's to bad. I just can't tell anyone.

Suddenly the parachutes of the drop ship deploys and the two boys who were flying like Finn fall on the ground. I expected it. In space we can fly around but not on the ground. They should have know that and they should have listened to me when I was talking to Finn.

I feel Charlotte's hand in mine and I look at her. I can see she's afraid. Of course she's afraid, why wouldn't she be. We are on the ground without parents, without a leader. When the rest of the Ark comes down, I'm gonna kill chancellor Jaha. He did this to all of us. Why didn't he used his damn freaking mind?! Everyone knows Earth is dangerous because of the radiation. Everyone knows you can't live on the ground but he still send us down here. The drop ship stops shaking and the sound we heard is gone. Are we on the ground?

'Finn, is he breathing?' a familiar voice asks.
I look over to the girl who spoke and I immediately recognize her. I get out of my seat as quick as I can and I run towards Clarke.
'Clarke!' I shout.