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Octavia and I are standing by our horses talking about everything that had happened to us since we've landed on earth. But then I see Gavriel looking at us. A smile appears on my face. I really like the kid. He reminds me of Finn. I don't know why. Maybe it's because they have the same attitude. Or maybe because they both have long hair. At least one of them had.

'You can pet him if you want,' I say loud enough for him to hear my. 
He hesitates but then walks towards us and the horses. I take his hand in mine and place it on my horse's nose. Usually when my horse doesn't like someone he steps back so that the person can't touch him anymore. This time he just stands. 

'He likes you,' I say laughing. 
But the moment is over to fast when Semet interrupts us. 

'Gavriel! Gon gada yu leron op (Go pack your things),' he says while he walks to us. 
Gavriel quickly walks away without saying anything. 
'His parents were warriors, both killed by Skaikru guns,' Semet says. 

'You decided to leave,' Octavia realizes when she looks at all the people walking out of camp and gathering their stuff. 

'As you say, we're no match for Skaikru.'

'What you're doing is as brave as going to battle, Semet.'
I look behind Semet and see people working on something. I walk toward it and see a yellow substance on the tree work. I recognize it immediately. It's the same thing that burned on my skin when I saved Gavriel. What the hell do they want to do with this? And how did they even get it? 

'What is this?' Octavia asks Semet wanting to know what he's preparing for. 
'You think you know us? You know nothing, girl,' he says. 
Suddenly someone next to Octavia knocks her out and she falls on the ground. I quickly duck away for the man who wanted to do the same thing they did to Octavia. 

I grab my sword from my back and hold it in front of me. I turn in circles to be prepared for anyone who wants to knock me out. Someone punches me in the face and I feel my skin breaking.

'Wan daun (stop)! Lexa will hear you tried to kill me and then you are all dead!' I scream at them. 

'We don't care. And you're not our commander. So we won't listen to you.' 
I feel something on the back of my head and then everything goes black. 


My head hurts. It hurts like hell. I slowly open my eyes and for a second I think I'm dead. It's all dark. But then I realize it's night. I look around and see everyone already left. Octavia is no were. I'm still in camp. Tied up against one of the trees with the yellow substance on. 

'Octavia?' I shout for her. 
I don't get a respond. Is she dead? did she wake up and leave without me? Did they took her? 
My thought are cut of by a light. I quickly close my eyes again trying to block out the light. When I open them again I see a car. 

People step out of it and I immediately recognize the shapes of the guns. They arrived. I close my eyes again and let my head drop. I can't keep my eyes open any longer. My wrist are burning because of the substance that's dripping on them and my head hurts to much. 
I hear footsteps walking closer to me but I keep looking down. 

Suddenly a hand grabs my face and pulls it up. I groan and open my eyes. 

'Seriously? A monster is going to help me?' I ask when I see who it is. 

'I can also just leave you here but I don't think Bellamy is going to be happy about that. But if he wasn't here then I would've done it,' Pike says. 

'Bellamy! Get your ass here,' Pike says. 
Bellamy appears next to him within seconds and looks shocked at me. 

'Emily? What are you doing here?' he asks me worried. 
'Just untie me please,' I say angry. 

Bellamy is here to kill everyone in the village. Well if there were any people left. They all ran away because Octavia and I warned them. They tied me up and knocked me out but I'm glad they are okay. 

I look past Bellamy at the top of a hill and see red light. It doesn't really look like light actually. More like fire. Fire. Can this yellow substance catch fire? Suddenly I realize what's going to happen. 
'Quick! Hurry up please! I don't want to catch fire,' I say worried for my own life. 
Bellamy looks frowning at me and stops untying me. 

'What are you doing? Why are you stopping. You're so stupid. This is a trap. Please if you don't get my loose then you can say goodbye to me,' I say trying to get loose myself. 
Bellamy quickly helps me once he realizes what I mean. Suddenly I hear a horse. Shit. They're fast. 

'Bellamy! Get them out of there! It's a trap!' 
Octavia. So she didn't leave. And she's still alive. 

'The smoke is poison!' Octavia shouts. 

Then there are flying arrows in the air. They land on the tree works with the fire catching substance on and Bellamy is just in time to push me away. I land on the ground but quickly stand up. There's a yellow fog coming off of the trees and I can't see anything. 

'Stay away from the smoke. Get back to the rover,' I hear Bellamy say but I can't see him. 

I can't see anyone. I'm getting scared.
'Monty! Help!' 
'Monroe!' I scream trying to figure out where she is. 
When I finally see her I run to her but I trip. I fall down on the ground and the smoke is starting to burn my skin. I now realize that this must be like the acid fog. Atom died a painful death. And now it's my turn. I'm gonna die. 

'Help!' I scream. 
'Emily!' I hear Bellamy scream. 
The burning sensation is starting to get worse and I'm starting to get problems with breathing.
I don't wanna die. Not yet. It's not my time. I'm to young to die.  
Suddenly I feel arms around my waist and legs and someone carries me away.

Then the burning starts to become less painful and I can breath again. I open my eyes and see that Bellamy is carrying me. A smile appears on my face. Glad to know he still cares about me and not just let's me die. 

'Thank you,' I whisper. 

'Always. I love you Em. I can't let you die,' he says while he carries me back to the car. 

I wish I could say the same. I still love him though. But it's just hard to say it without thinking about everything he has done. But I'm lucky I blacked out again. So I don't have to explain why I didn't say it back. Because I don't know how I feel anymore. I love him. But it's just hard not thinking about what Pike made off him. A killer. A murderer.