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Lexa is looking at all the ashes of the Grounders

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Lexa is looking at all the ashes of the Grounders. She looks really shocked. Of course she does. These are the ashes of her people. Of the ones who stood by her side. The ones who fought for her. I know it's hard for her to look at this. It was hard for me to look at them when they got burned. Indra and the others are also looking hurt and shocked. 

'It's this way,' Clarke says. 
I look at Lexa and nod at her. We follow Clarke into the drop ship and I hope with all of my heart that Lincoln is still alive. If he's dead, then this won't work. Clarke climbs up and opens the hatch. I follow after her and then Lexa and the others. I see Clarke's face turning into shock. Oh god no. I climb up quicker and look at Lincoln. Octavia's crying on his chest and Abby is looking defeated. Lincoln is dead. My friend is dead. He did so much for me and I couldn't even say goodbye. I couldn't even say how thankful I am for everything he's done. He's gone. Lincoln is gone. I feel a tear rolling down on my cheek and I let out a gasp. Bellamy walks to me and holds me no his arms. Tears are rolling down on my face and I just let them go. I don't care that I'm showing weakness right now. I lost my friend. I've lost the one who helped me trough so much. Who told me to make choices. Who made me who I become. 

Lexa comes up and when she sees Lincoln she looks sad. She lost someone to. Again. She lost so many. But suddenly her face turns into an angry look. She grabs her sword. So does Indra and the others and point it to Clarke. Bellamy lets me go and points his gun towards them and Abby is standing in between Clarke and Lexa with a taser. Why can't anything go right?! Everything is always going wrong. I walk to Octavia with tears in my eyes and hold her while she cries. She's the worst. She loved Lincoln and now he's gone. 

'I'll kill them all,' Indra says angry while she points her sword towards Bellamy. 
I'm want to say something but I'm to sad. I can't get anything out of my mouth. 

'Please. You don't have to do this,' Clarke says scared. 
Of course she's scared. She is about to die.

'You lied. And you're out of time,' Lexa says angry. 
They're waiting for one another to make a move. Abby is the first. But she does something I didn't thought she would do. I don't think any of us would expect her to do this. She runs towards Lincoln and presses the taser against his chest and shocks him. Everyone is looking at her but it doesn't work. Lincoln is still not breathing. 
'Hit him again,' Octavia says hopeful. 
Abby hits him again and Lincoln gasps for air. Oh god, he's alive. I look with wide open eyes while Octavia drops down by Lincoln side smiling. 

'Octavia,' he says whispering. 

Oh thank god he's alive. I don't know what I would've done when he was really dead. 
I look at Abby with a huge smile on my face. 
'Thank you Abby,' I say to her. 

'No problem,' she smiles back. 


We're back in camp and I, Lexa and Clarke are talking to each other.

'Lincoln's recovery was... Impressive. No one's ever survived such a fate before,' Lexa says impressed to Clarke. 
Clarke smiles. I know how she feels. Happy and succeeded. I would feel the same way.