Carlisle and Esme Imprint by Black_Culture
Carlisle and Esme Imprintby Black_Culture
What if Bella was pregnant with Twin girls, what if the other girl was Carlisle and Esme imprint. #1 ranking in Jasper 2018
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Bella's Secret Sister  by BriannaWhitlock
Bella's Secret Sister by Anna
Things aren't going well in Bella's and Edwards relationship, making Bella doubt her decisions. It's even harder when you have a big secret that seems closer to being re...
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Dusk // Twilight // Emmett Cullen by NotMyself24
Dusk // Twilight // Emmett Cullenby Hannah
Allison Tucker was different than anyone else in school, besides one Bella Swan who managed to learn what Allison had known for quite a while. The Cullens were a 'family...
  • romance
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Victoria's sister?Jasper Hale? by Tyler_jade
Victoria's sister?Jasper Hale?by Tyler🍰
Paisley Sutherland is the baby sister of Victoria. When she gets a call telling her that Victoria needs help defeating the vampires that killed her mate, she of course e...
  • esme
  • alicecullen
  • jasperwhitlock
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A Thousand Years » Alec Volturi  by andr-meda
A Thousand Years » Alec Volturi by Sophie
"Darling, don't be afraid I have loved you For a thousand years I'll love you for a thousand more And all along I believed I would find you Time has brought your he...
  • emmett
  • alice
  • jasper
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Lilliana Swan by silverfire0
Lilliana Swanby silverfire0
So we have all read the book and watched the movies. My name is Lilliana. I created the Cold ones. Aro, Cauis, and Marcus are not the oldest. I have died many times but...
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Emotion [Twilight Fan-Fiction] by HydraWave
Emotion [Twilight Fan-Fiction]by Rachel
A feeling so deeply gratifying that they argued, and fought, and were so in-tuned it could turn anyone to the opposing side. But it was a love that could conquer any lov...
  • esme
  • bella
  • emmett
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The Cullen's shared mate by kiing_jen
The Cullen's shared mateby kiing_jen
Innocence was something people would often use to describe Luna Montgomery For her bright smile was contagious The way she gazed at everything with wonder and curiosit...
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  • edward
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Forgotten ° Edward Cullen by JJ_Brooks_
Forgotten ° Edward Cullenby Jamie_Brooks
Alexandra Jackson was Edward's best friend from when they were human. The young woman was diagnosed with Spanish Influenza, devastating her family and Edward as her fate...
  • vampires
  • bella
  • twilight
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Hopelessly In Love (A Sam Uley LS and Renesmee Twin Story) by TheaWinter
Hopelessly In Love (A Sam Uley LS...by _Thea_
What if Renesmee had a twin? What if she was imprinted on by Sam Uley? What if her gift was so precious that every vampire couple wanted to have her? What will happen wh...
  • twilight
  • bellacullen
  • samuley
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Unloved Sister by Black_ShadowDragon
Unloved Sisterby Black_ShadowDragon
this is about bella having a sister who is 2 seconds younger all the attention goes to bella and cece is left with nothing no one loves her or cares about her
  • emily
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  • alice
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The Lieutenant Colonel a Garrett/ OC love story/ UNDER EDITING  by bjensen4792
The Lieutenant Colonel a Garrett...by BreeBlizzard
Violet was born on April 7th of 1844 and changed in 1863 born in Houston, Texas she grew up as Jasper's next door neighbor and convinced him to not tell anyone she was a...
  • twilight
  • cullens
  • garrett
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send my love × Jasper Hale by kirapaynex
send my love × Jasper Haleby >•Ghost•<
✿ COMPLETED ✿ Jasper Hale kept a secret from his family since he joined them with Alice all those years ago. In the late summer of 1862 his young lover gave birth to a s...
  • volturi
  • cullen
  • jasper
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Caius' Princess (A Carlisle Cullen/Mystery person love story) by MyWritingCenter
Caius' Princess (A Carlisle Cullen...by Ashley
Caius' daughter Ilyeanna, isn't your average vampire. She and her father guard a secret that could kill her mate. (I don't own anything but my characters and the story...
  • carlislecullen
  • princess
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He's Fast; She's Weird (Marvel/Twilight crossover) by insaneredhead
He's Fast; She's Weird (Marvel/Twi...by insaneredhead
Wanda and Pietro move to Forks, Washington, where they settle in for an easy, simple life.......only for that easy and simple to be distrubted when they meet Alice Culle...
  • esmecullen
  • rosaliehale
  • jasperhale
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Girl Danger || Henry Danger #Book 1 by HarleyDaytona
Girl Danger || Henry Danger #Book 1by HarleyDaytona
What if Ray had niece named Ivy that had amazing fighting skills? What if she came back from being with her mom to live with Ray? Will she be able to be with Henry? Or w...
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Jasper's Deaf Mate (1) by JasperMate1863
Jasper's Deaf Mate (1)by River
Serena is Bella Swan's deaf 16 year old little sister, who dislikes nothing more than hearing people. What would happen when she meets Jasper Hale, the only hearing boy...
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  • bella
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Soulmate | Jasper Hale [1] by _dragongirl_96
Soulmate | Jasper Hale [1]by _dragongirl_96
Danielle and Isabella Swan are twin sisters. Although they do not look or act alike, they always do everything together. So when they move to Forks, to live with their f...
  • jasper
  • vampire
  • carlisle
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Jasper's True Mate (Renesmee's Twin Story) by RandomNothingness55
Jasper's True Mate (Renesmee's Twi...by RandomNothingness55
This is the story of Renesmee's twin Esmeralda Renee Cullen. You see Alice isn't Jasper's true mate Esmeralda is. He was only with Alive because he couldn't find his tr...
  • twins
  • esme
  • twilight
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Little Biter  by cullen8738
Little Biter by cullen8738
Ella Ramsay was one of the sweetest 18 year old girls anyone had ever met. She was kind, caring, shy and loving. However there was just one secret. Her DDLG lifestyle. W...
  • mystery
  • rosalie
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