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      Everyone is putting chairs, a desk and some of the beds in front of the door. Well everyone but me. I'm training. i'm throwing punches on the wall. I want to be strong. I failed two times. I can't fail again. I need to be strong enough to protect everyone. I look at my knuckles and see that there's blood on them. Maybe I should stop. 

      'We need to make sure they don't get in,' Jasper says to everyone. 
'They won't come in Jasper. Not if everything goes as planned,' I say to him. 
I stop throwing punches at the wall and walk over to the middle. 
'Okay listen up! We took the level, but now we have to hold it. They will be coming, and we need to be ready. So everyone take a weapon!' I say to all of them. 

Then I turn to Harper and see she already has a gun. 

      'Harper, get some pots from the kitchen, fill them with water, as big as you can find. Okay?' I ask her. 
She nods and puts her gun down. Then she walks away. 

'Let's go get those hallway cameras, all right?' I hear Jasper say. 
I turn to him and see he's talking to Monty. 

      'Nope. Leave the hallway cameras. We'll need eyes out there,' Monty says.

I walk to them and listen to their conversation.

'You can do that?' Jasper asks curious.

'Have you met him Jasper?' I ask him laughing.

'This kid can do everything.' 

      'Where are we on the doors?' Jasper then asks Monty. 

'Elevators are all disabled. I shorted the other stairwell locks. This one is tricky, though. I can't seem to-'

I throw a punch at the device in front of me and sparks are coming out of it. Jasper and Monty are looking with their mouths open at me. 

'That works, too,' Monty says laughing. 

      I smile at him. 

'How long you think we can hold them off?' Monty asks me.

'As long as we have to. But believe me, we are strong,' I assure him. 
He nods and Jasper and he are doing their handshake thingy. It's kind of weird but funny. I like it. I turn around and look at all the people. They're strong. Stronger then they think. 


      'They're coming!' Monty screams. 
Everyone starts to panic and scream. 

'Hey calm down!' I scream over it. 
'We are not ready for this,' Fox says. 
'Yes, we are. We are strong. Just follow the plan, we'll be okay... I promise,' I tell them.

      I look at the device in Monty's hands and see that he's right. There are guards on their way. 
'No guns. You were right,' Monty says. 

'It's because they can't kill us, not like this, anyway,' Jasper says.
I turn around again to face the others.
'Be careful with the guns and knifes. We're in close. You could hit one of us,' I tell everyone.

      I walk over to the table where the weapons where on and see that there are only two knifes left. Better then guns in my case. I grab the two knifes and stand in front of everyone. 

'We can do this. Just stick to the plan and I promise we'll survive,' I say to all of them. 

'Wait a second. Some of them aren't wearing Hazmat suits. What's it mean?' Monty suddenly says.
Then it hits me. I know exactly what it means.

'Means they're cured. Marrow treatments worked,' I explain. 

      Suddenly there is a loud bang on the door and the door moves a bit. It takes the guards a while to finally get the door open but then they see the all the chairs.