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I've been in my room since I heard the new about Lexa. I still don't believe she's dead. I just can't. She wouldn't do that to me. but what I'm thinking right now is who is going to be the new commander? It should be me but I don't want it anymore. At least I think. I don't know what I would say if they ask me. But what I'm really afraid of is that the new commander is going to be a young kid. 

Lexa told me once that every new commander started as a kid. But that's just not right. A kid can not lead a huge group of warriors. They will only die faster. It's not that it's wrong. If they want a kid to lead them then it's their choice. But it's also not right. 

'Emily you have to come outside.' 
I look up and see Raven standing in the door way. I frown at her words. I haven't been outside since yesterday. I said to everyone that I wanted to be alone. And if they would come in my room that there would be consequences. I just don't want someone to feel sorry for me. They all hated the grounders including Lexa. 

'Why?' I ask Raven frowning.

'They want to see you,' she explains.

Then she leaves. Who are they? And why do they want to see me? Like I said. I told everyone to stay away from me. I sigh and walk out of the room. 


'An army has fallen, blood soaking the earth where he took their lives one by one,' I hear when I walk out of the Ark. 
I frown at the words and quickly walk towards the gate. There are a lot of people standing there.

'Welcome to the war against Skaikru,' I hear Bellamy say. 

I start to walk faster and when I reach the gate I see two grounders on horses. I frown at the two men and I'm shocked. Why haven't they shot them already? That's what they do usually. Shot, dead, murderer. 
'Life was taken. We demand life in return,' one of the men on the horses says.
Pike takes a few steps to them and I can see that he's a little bit scared.

'My life?' he asks them.
'What are your terms, sir?' Bellamy asks while he sticks out his arm to stop Pike from walking forward.

Just let him walk to them. They will kill him and everyone will be happy. There will be a party thrown because of his death and then a new chancellor wil rise. Happily ever after. 

'Come with us, and we walk away,' the grounder says. 
'Walk away from what?' Pike asks frowning. 
I'm standing more in the front now and I'm sure the two grounders can see me if they look my way.

'By other of the Commander, you have been surrounded by an army of the 12 clans. In every direction, warriors wait to kill anyone who attempts to cross the blockade, To greet them as we greeted those we caught outside your walls today,' one of the grounders says while he throws a bag to the ground. 

The bag opens form itself and a guard jacket is shown. So that's what happened. Lexa put on a kill order for every sky person and now that is what's going on. 
'We left the bodies for the animals,' he continues.
'Em pleni (enough),' I say calm but loud enough for them to hear me.
I walk to the front and now I'm completely in sight for the two grounders. 

they both bow for me and I feel respected. Not like I am here. Because I'm not being respected here. In Arkadia I feel like I'm nothing.

'Heda,' they both say.

'Let's go.'

'They won't leave. I have seen this before,' Bellamy cuts Pike's thoughts off.

'The men who wore those uniforms took a long time to die,' the grounder says. 

I don't even want them to stop talking. The people from Arkadia need to know what will happen to them if they kill more grounders. This is all because of Pike. And now I finally have a reason to get the people to hate him.