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Everyone is rushing outside. There are people shouting and screaming and I have no idea whats going on. Maybe it's someone who got back from a journey or something. That's not special. But what if it's someone who was trapped in Mount Weather? No it's not because I hear drums. Drums?! Oh no. I run outside as wel and then I know what's going on. 

'Jus drein jus daun!' 
Blood must have blood. It's something the Grounders say. They're repeating it. Over and over again. I understand why all the people are acting so scared. They don't know what they're saying. They're here. They're here for Finn. And they're gonna kil him when they get him. That's what they mean by blood must have blood. They want to kill him. This is the last change to give him up. otherwise there's going to be a war and I'm not prepared for that. And I'm also not really in the mood for it. I look around for the one they want but can't find him. I run into the Ark again in the hope Finn's there and bump into someone. I look up and I let out a gasp. 

'Bellamy, where is Finn?' I ask him worried.

'He's with Clarke. We're going back to the drop ship. Only there he has a change to be somewhere save. We need to get him out. We're going to split up. Clarke and Finn. Raven and Murphy. You and me,' he explains. 
'But it's dangerous out there right now. There are grounders everywhere.' 

'Finn and the others can take care of themselves Emily.' 

'And I can't?' I say a little hurt. 
I'm stronger then all of them. I can take care of myself too. It's not that I don't want to go with Bellamy. I'm happy that I can go with him but I'm not weak. I can take care of myself. Besides, the grounders won't hurt me. I was their commander after all. 

'No that's not what I'm saying. Of course you can take care of yourself. I just want you by my side so I know you're save.' 

I smile a little and pull him into a hug. 

'I love you, Bell,' I whisper. 

'I love you too, Emily. Now we have to go. We need to be there before it's getting dark,' Bellamy says while he lets me go. 
'It's morning. It's not going to take a whole day to walk to the drop ship,' I say frowning. 

'You sure about that babe? It won't take to much time for the others, but we're different. We're a couple and couple do things,' he says with a grin while he winks at me. I know exactly what he means. I laugh and together we walk away to get our stuff. 


'Do you remember when we first met?' I ask Bellamy laughing. 
We're walking in the woods on our way to the drop ship. We haven't seen any grounder yet but I know they're not looking for us so if we see one of them, he probably won't hurt us.

'Of course I do. It was when we landed. I was about to open the door when Clarke and you stopped me.' 

'No, do you remember the first time? We were still on the Ark back then.' 

I can see Bellamy thinking. Then he looks at me with a questioned look.

'I don't think I remember,' he says frowning.
'It was on unity day. We were both listening to Jaha's speech. Then we got bored and started talking. We ran away from the crowd and we landed in the library. I didn't knew we had one so you showed me things. Then you picked out you're favorite books and we started to play this game-' 
'We started with a sentence from one of my favorite books and then we needed to finish the story on our own. It didn't matter how it went out,' Bellamy cuts me off laughing. 

'Yeah I remember now. I always thought that you were a pretty girl. You were also really fun to talk to. I saw you walking in the hallways sometimes. When we landed on earth I didn't recognize you. You were a completely different girl,' Bellamy says smiling. 

I look up to him and smile back. He's right. I'm a complete different girl then I was back on the Ark. I changed when I got arrested. I didn't want to be the helpless girl anymore. That girl was completely gone. 

Then I remember something he said earlier. I walk a little faster and stand in front of him. He stops and looks questioned at me.

'You told me it could take some more time to get to the drop ship. I think this is the perfect moment to take that time,' I say with a grin. 

He smirks and leans in. Then our lips touch. I put my arms around his neck and he puts his arms around my waist. He pulls me closer and holds me tight. I smile against his lips and suddenly he bits on my bottom lip. I let out a moan and he slips his tongue in my mouth. I pull a little on his hair and now he's the one who moans. I separate our lips and laugh. 

'Can you guys please stop?' 
I turn around scared and in shock but relax when I see who it is. 

'Jealous John?' I ask him laughing. 

'Don't call me that. You know I don't like that name,' he says rolling his eyes. 

'Whatever Murphy.' 

'Come on, we're almost at the drop ship,' Raven says while she walks further. 

'Where did she came from?' I ask Bellamy curious. 

'I have no idea.' 
'Come on, let's follow the mechanic.' 
I grab Bellamy's hand and walk with him after Raven and Murphy.