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Red Lighter ✧ John Murphy by Breathe_Me
Red Lighter ✧ John Murphyby James Bond
***Sequel to Skyfall.*** The story of Murphy and Venus had seemingly come to an end after the accident that nearly cost Venus her life. Venus is a very strong human be...
  • john
  • richard
  • harmon
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dare to hope ☆ octavia blake by duhkotaa
dare to hope ☆ octavia blakeby dakota j™
❝YOUR HEART'S TOO BIG FOR YOUR BODY.❞ Harley Bostwick was shielded from her past. Unbeknownst to her, she was a birthing product of another twin, a boy named John Murphy...
  • johnmurphy
  • apocalypse
  • 100
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Queen  [The 100] >> Bellamy Blake  by lotrboss007
Queen [The 100] >> Bellamy Blake by lotrboss007
"Princess?" "Bitch, I'm a Queen" #117 in Fanfiction ......................................................... Olympia Queen. One of the most...
  • olympia
  • montygreen
  • raven
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Trikru ☣ Bellamy Blake [1] by nativewanderer
Trikru ☣ Bellamy Blake [1]by Becca
"Just because I'm a fighter, doesn't mean I don't want peace." Nina is the sister of Lincoln. She is a warrior and a healer, trained by Indra beside Lexa. Her...
  • trikru
  • octaviablake
  • bobmorley
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Warrior by lilmoonlightdawn
Warriorby lilmoonlightdawn
A story in which a twelve year old girl on the ark, locked up for secrets she has yet to reveal, gets sent down to the mysterious earth with 99 other teenage criminals i...
  • warrior
  • cwtv
  • johnmurphy
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Baby doll//Bellamy Blake by Awkwardreader99
Baby doll//Bellamy Blakeby Awkwardreader99
"She flirted with life and life flirted right back with her. As if all the universe around became more alive just for her, and everything felt her glow, an incandes...
  • jasperjordans
  • finncollins
  • ravenreyes
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Survival Instinct  (The 100/ Bellamy Blake fanfic) by Sydney3027
Survival Instinct (The 100/ Sydney C
Prim used to greet her favorite guard everyday on the Ark. When her and her twin were arrested she thought her life over, only to find out she's one of the 100 who get t...
  • jodelle
  • bellamyblakefanfic
  • monty
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Shameless ~ Bellamy Blake by rebelllll
Shameless ~ Bellamy Blakeby rebelllll
"Love is sacrificing everything for the one you love no matter what the circumstances." Tatum Sydney, daughter of ex Chancellor, Diana Sydney, was locked up in...
  • bellamyblakelovestory
  • bellamyblake
  • octaviablake
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Starcrossed | Bellamy Blake by Jasmine_xxxx
Starcrossed | Bellamy Blakeby Jasmine_xxxx
Starcrossed adjective literary not favored by the stars: ill-fated "starcrossed lovers" ~~~ Luna is everything a grounder should be. She could out-smart anyo...
  • lincoln
  • bellamyblakefanfiction
  • bellamyblake
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Beautiful Crime | John Murphy by lukelikeapenguin
Beautiful Crime | John Murphyby lukelikeapenguin
After being locked up, and judged all her life Mercy Archer finally gets a chance to start over on the ground, but that doesn't seem to be as easy as she thought. Everyo...
  • octaviablake
  • clarkegriffin
  • lincoln
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Ash And Dust by RandomWriter1021
Ash And Dustby C
Octavia Blake isn't the only girl with a brother on the Ark. Alex is a prisoner on the Ark, along with 100 other dilenquients. Her crimes have put her in the solitary ce...
  • finncollins
  • the100fanfic
  • fanfic
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Born To Die | Bellamy Blake [1] by KomAzgedaa
Born To Die | Bellamy Blake [1]by ‹ BROOKE ›
*MAJOR EDITING* ❝Where do you get the audacity to pretend like you know me, Bellamy?❞ ❝So, why don't you tell me who you really are?❞ Dakota Kane wasn't a damsel in dist...
  • nyko
  • grounders
  • jordan
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Clarke Of The Grounders by StephanieRoever
Clarke Of The Groundersby Stephanie Roever
Clarke is betrayed by who she thought was her friends. She is taken by the grounders and a shocking twist happens.(Clexa) (completed)
  • lexa
  • clexa
  • clarke
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Alycia Debnam-Carey Smut  by bravesalycia
Alycia Debnam-Carey Smut by c,,
does this really need a description? have fun
  • the100
  • alicia
  • alyciadebnamcarey
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Meizen ≫ bellamy blake by completetrash
Meizen ≫ bellamy blakeby nic
kodie was fourteen years old when she was supposed to be locked up for stealing, but due to her dad not wanting his daughter put away he sent her down to earth in a pod...
  • bellamytrash
  • bellamyblake
  • jasperjordan
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N A Y A T | the 100 ||bellamy blake by fanfics_and_fandom
N A Y A T | the 100 ||bellamy blakeby fanfics_and_fandom
«LITTLE GIRLS ARE DANGEROUS, BELLAMY BLAKE, WE DRESS IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING » After three years of living in the Skybox of the Ark as prisoner Lyanna Valjean is released a...
  • bobmorley
  • bellamy
  • bellamyblake
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The Burning » Bellamy Blake | EDITING by jennacroman
The Burning » Bellamy Blake | Jenna
[23/25 CHAPS EDITED] "Through flames was she killed, and through pain was she reborn." [j.c] At the age of nine, everyone Quinn loved was taken away from her;...
  • clarke
  • scifi
  • monty
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Queen | b. blake  by -enamoured
Queen | b. blake by s
"Hello, princess." "It's Queen to you."
  • thecw
  • the100
  • bellamyblake
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Sent Down to Die//The 100 by fall2003gerv
Sent Down to Die//The 100by :)
Fiona is 17 and is the twin sister of John Murphy. She and the rest of the 100 prisoners are sent to the ground. She and her new friends will face the mission of survivi...
  • octavia
  • murphy
  • season1
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A little good in a bad world⇴ Bellamy Blake by fanficsssxx
A little good in a bad world⇴ fanficsssxx
Adelaide Kane. She's your average girl; kind, considerate, beautiful, always following the rules and not really seeking any attention, with a few smart and sassy come ba...
  • the100
  • sci-fi
  • the100fanfic
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