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We've been in the car for hours now. I don't really now for how many hours but I do know that I find it long. Too long. I don't like cars. Not even a little bit. It's better then walking but I just don't like it. I prefer horses. And the worst part is that Jasper can't keep his mouth shut. He's complaining about everything.

'It's been an hour since we passed the airplane wreckage. Seeing as we're using a map without any distances, it could be days before we reach Luna's village.'
'At least we know we're going the right direction,' Bellamy says ignoring a part of Jasper's complaining.
I think everyone is not liking Jasper right now. I mean, can't he just shut up? If he's not drinking he's talking.

'We're running out of daylight. We should stop in the sun, recharge the battery.'
'What sun? We keep going until it dies.'
'We keep going until we get to Luna,' Octavia corrects Clarke. 
She's right. We can't stop. We stop when we find Luna because with Ontari as new commander it's not save for us to be out anymore. I look out of the window and see that it's not only raining but storming. Great. I hate the rain but this is just worse.

'This her?' Jasper suddenly asks.
I look in the back of the car and see Jasper looking in the journal from Lincoln. There's a woman drawn in it and Jasper is holding it up to Octavia and Clarke. I know who it is by the description I once got from Lexa. 

'Yes,' Octavia answers taking just one look at it.
'What do you think she's gonna say when we show up asking to put an A.I. in her head?' Jasper asks curious.
'Lincoln said she helps those that are in trouble. She'll help us, too,' Octavia says with hope.

But I don't have hope to be honest. Lexa told me everything about Luna. She was the ninth commander but didn't really belong so she ran away. Luna didn't walk away for nothing. She didn't want to be commander from people who kill. She didn't want to do anything with death. She wanted to be happy. That's why she ran away.

Suddenly the car stops and I jerk forward a little bit. I'm glad I have a seat belt on. I look at Bellamy and see he's looking out the window.
'Think she can help us find a better map?' Jasper asks.
'Backtrack. We'll find somewhere where the trees aren't so bad,' Bellamy explains. 

I hear the back of the car opening and see that Octavia is getting out. I open my door as well and wait for the others to get out as well. Of course Bellamy isn't happy with it but I'm glad I'm finally out of that stupid car. It's raining but that doesn't matter to me right now. 

'Anyone hear the part where I said it could be days?' Jasper asks while he gets out of the car. 
Octavia starts to run and I run after her but just a few steps and she stops.

'You hear that?' she asks me while she turns around.

'Water,' Clarke says before I can.

I start to run towards the sound immediately not caring if the rest is behind me. But Bellamy's voice stops me.

'Eyes sharp. They could be hostile.'

I turn around and see he's holding his gun like he's going to use it. 
'They're not hostile. Put the guns down,' I command them. 
I don't want Luna to think we are here to kill them. It's not what we're here for. And we will never do that. As long as I live I'm gonna try to stop everyone from killing each other. 

I turn around again and run towards the sound of the water with the rest behind me. Once I see the lake I follow it. I don't really know what to do but I do know that if you want an open space you have to follow the water. So that's what I'm doing now. soon Octavia starts to run faster and she's now in front of me. What I think is good because I honestly have no idea where I'm going. 
But suddenly she stops and we all stop to take a look at the sight in front of us.